Jason Johnson On DOJ Suing Georgia Over New Voting Restrictions 1

Jason Johnson On DOJ Suing Georgia Over New Voting Restrictions


Morgan State University professor and TheGrio contributor, Jason Johnson, believes that the Department of Justice’s lawsuit against Georgia for its potentially racially-based voter suppression laws is great strategy for the Biden Administration because it shows the Administration is following through with its promises.
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    1. @Kenneth Mcgregor They quoted but they didn’t bother making their case from what they quoted.
      IF I want to make a case that ducks are dogs, I don’t quote Mary Shelley.
      Unrelated quotes are meaningless. ALL he had to do was use what was in the quote to prove his point; HE RAN!
      GET IT? Any high school moron is taught to present their evidence and make their case from the evidence.
      DID HE? YOU?
      No, so toddle off until you guys man up and do so.
      I have no patience with entitled arrogant liars who make up crap but whine when challenged to show evidence for their claims and back up their claims.

    2. @Lena Strope Strope What she a republican, as others, Republicans have been convicted for voting in the deceased relatives stead.

    3. @ethics first still waiting for a single one of you to point out which part of this bill is suppressing votes?

    1. @Lessk I see you didn’t argue against any factual statement that was written. Only true traitors stand with the undemocratic actions of the Republicans. An know loser Im an independent thinking human being. Both party’s are sick, one is just sicker and more vile than the other. You seem to fit in good there I guess.

    2. @Mr. White If you equate giving out food, and water as something bad. That says more about you then anything else. Are that it may sway someone’s already made up mind is utterly insane.

    3. @Abe M. I don’t have to argue against anything you said because its already not a factual statement by anyone intelligent. Opinion is not fact. Your so deluded you can’t see anything for yourself. The “talking head” since you can’t spell “talking”. Let the media keep thinking for you.

    4. @Lessk No it’s called facts loser. Not the alternative, or massive propoganda you believe. If you could actually read one might suggest reading the bills written by the Republican Legislatures. Since you cannot or will not out of maybe willful ignorance so be it. Laughable a minor spelling error you point out. Compared to the massive ignorance that consumes you. Good day to you sir best of luck in life.

  1. It’s a nothing burger.
    There’s a petition going around… Georgians are ready to sue state for election fraud.

    1. @psycobleach46 tullis he means the election fraud Trump tried to commit when he called in asking Republicans to “find him 11 thousand votes.” That is the definition of election fraud and those responsible must face criminal charges

  2. What about new laws that weaken the judiciary, especially judges that monitor voting rights in those states? (related to voting law appeals) DOJ should have interest since Supremes Court (2020) said state judges have last word in these lawsuits. One law newly passed says legislature may even completely ignore a ruling if it wants to.

    1. @PJ Celeste Also sir Federal law supercedes any state law. Federal laws are the guidelines for state laws to follow.

    2. @MrLobo1776 Yes another person who has not read these bills. Why not actually try reading the bills? Then come back in engage in a practical, reasonable intelligent debat.

    3. @Abe M. I guess you didn’t pay attention to the courts comments last year about states voting..

    4. @MrLobo1776 I guess you didnt when moderate justice Roberts stated. The same laws from the past are not needed today. So he tore up past civil rights laws. Then the bigots predominantly Republican Legislatures go back an undermine his ruling by creating Jim Crow 2.0. Fool you see what the Supreme Court finally did about Obama Care. After 8 years of the Republicans trying to destroy its stronger then ever backed by a majority of the Justices rulings. Affordable Care is officially part of American Healthcare not going back. Justice Roberts will knock down these knew Jim Crow 2.0 laws trust that if it returns to Supreme Court. Conservatives unfortunately think staking the court means ruling in their favor. Educated people don’t rule off feelings yet the law. Roberts has already spoken about the new passed state legislature laws finding them disturbing he said. Again the man just voted to keep Obama Care with the majority of the Justices haha let that sink in bud.

    5. @Abe M. let this sink in. Obumass care did what it was designed to do and that was to destroy our healthcare.

  3. More restrictions will actually have an opposite effect, if you try to restrict the vote people in general will make it a priority to vote against all odds.

    1. @kevin baldi Valid ID laughable it’s like indoctrination strait from Fox News hahaha. What about taking the power away from the elected secretary of each state to certify elections? Then given that power over to a crony who is not elected by the people. What about the sick twisted Republican state legislatures passing laws if they don’t like the overall vote it can be thrown out? Yeah keep believing it’s about IDs truly sick twisted bigots.

    2. @Abe M. you should join us at the Convention of States. Look into our mission and join the fight. Seriously, just put an unbiased 15 minutes into it, please!!!

  4. They keep on trotting out “Republicans” to nod there heads like the empty suits they are. People are awakening to this tactic, it’s just laughable.

  5. This can be all traced back to Chief Justice Roberts, and his insane 2013 ruling that “that racism simply wasn’t severe enough in America to justify preclearance.” I wonder if he thinks it is severe enough now in 2021.

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