Jason Kenney: 'Alberta has friends and allies across the country' 1

Jason Kenney: ‘Alberta has friends and allies across the country’


Alberta Premier Jason Kenney says he and four other like-minded premiers had 'very productive' discussions on being better economic partners.

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  1. Stupid questions from the press, keep up with what this is about. The men are taking charge, doing something to make Canada great again, while Skippy is the wrecking ball.

  2. That’s what I have said so many times to have a prosperous & efficient inside trading system within Canada , then we can do trade with other nations.For our Resources we need a better R&D , It’s non-existent , and less control by other nations that are hostile.And M. Kenney your French , I’m impressed.

  3. Personally , I would love to put Alberta’s oil & gas in my vehicle , than the expensive crap that comes from Saudi-Arabia & U.S.A.And Saskatchewan ,pls take that Uranium & Plutonium out of the ground , and get our plants working , again!

  4. Our prime minister doesnt know how to lead so these premiers are getting together to support each other from this carbon bs pm


    2. The Daily Life Of Jay, Alaska is “cut of” from the rest of the states. I’m sure we could make it work with NB

    3. @Albert Alaska has far more resources and plays a role as Americas only claim to the artic.

  5. Canada needs a federal government that can work with this motivated rational group, not look for confrontation with it….

  6. Finally some real business men / leaders to try and clean up the mess that the half baked liberal wingnuts made…

  7. Justin isn’t man enough to be a leader .but Jasen needs to be a team player with all provinces and to not step on Andrew ‘s toes

    1. Well, he has the right idea stepping on Sheers toes. Scheers policies and platform are nearly identical to Trudeaus and he is pandering for votes, making him LibCon. I personally don’t respect, nor trust the grease ball anymore than Trudie. I’d recommend looking into the PPC and their platform. Its a big change compared to both Scheer and Trudie and is a real conservative party with real values, advocating for real change for the better.

  8. This is incredible to see these leaders from the provinces and territory to come together. Congratulations and thank you gentleman!

  9. global warming or so called climate change is a lie, there is never a scientific research to prove that it is caused by man activities.

  10. Waiting 2 months to get a building permit in MD Foothills… Still waiting. We have real problems with bloated government and over regulation right her in Alberta. Our municipal and provincial governments are working very hard to kill jobs and discourage investment. In fact, that is all they do, day in and day out.

  11. You talk of sharing prosperity. Look at California. Those bums had it all,pissed it away and people like you would have me pay their way. Promises break just like liars break.

  12. This is the most sense I’ve heard leaders in this country say, in cooperation with each other, in a very long time. I’m tired of the federal liberals..Trudeau.. talking stupid while covered in scandal after scandal. This group of premiers are talking common sense and looking out for the tax payer citizen…refreshing.

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