Jason Kenney on Tory leadership race, UCP leadership review

Evan Solomon talks to Alberta Premier Jason Kenney on the federal Conservative leadership race and his own party's leadership review.

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  1. How could Kenney not see that American politics and way of life is often a precursor to our own. Trump is a perfect example. He now plays a huge role in conservative politics and the conservative movement.

    1. @Thanos I’m OK with conservatives that are worthy of respect, but today’s conservatism is Trumpism, and that’s a disaster for anyone, anywhere. When Trumpism dies and conservatism returns, I’ll be interested again.

    2. @Jim Pratt I’d rather have someone says it how it is. Nothing wrong with Trump. Are very voting for best looks, a Harvard degree lol or what’s the problem with Trump ?

  2. It’s not even Kenney thats the problem. He tried to deliver what he promosed but was simply unable to. That sugests it’s not Kenney but the party it’s self

  3. So how much of the medical care is being changed to private for profit. You are dismantling health care in alberta

  4. I used to like Kenney, however, because he jailed pastors throughout the pandemic who were standing up for their right to worship my respect for him has gone into the toilet. That’s a big shame on him for doing that….it’s a shame on the cops it’s a shame to their oath and uniform and a shame for their families.

  5. Pierre Poilievre was right with Jean once a Liberal always a Liberal…..We don’t need a immigrant as a leader as well!!!! We need a Canadian PM with Canadian views!!!!! Not a Trudeau!!! I like the American policy that you have to be a born citizen of that country…

    1. You’re exactly what’s wrong with the Conservative Party of Canada and the reason that party is unable to ever win federally.

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