Jason Kenney turned down offer of assistance from Newfoundland | COVID-19 in Canada 1

Jason Kenney turned down offer of assistance from Newfoundland | COVID-19 in Canada


Newfoundland and Labrador Premier Andrew Furey says that Alberta Premier Jason Kenney turned down an offer of assistance from the province.

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  1. Kenney is the epitome of the “this is fine” dog meme.
    Except it’s Albertans burning around him, not his house

    1. Albertans are getting EXACTLY what they begged for. Period. In the latest Federal Election, Alberta still came out UCP Blue across the board. I tried to empathize, stand behind the unions, doctors/nurses, teachers, disabled, seniors, and everyone else he’s attacked and abused; but, and it’s a big but, you can’t help masochists who continue to justify and defend their persecutor. It’s become painfully obvious by the numbers, that Albertans want to be whipping dogs. So, you get what you ask for, and they beg for it! The only ones I feel sorry for now are the seniors and disabled who can’t escape and will die under persecutory abuse. Canada is NOT a free country for all, for our most vulnerable, it’s daily purgatory at the hands of pure evil, until death do they part!

    1. @N Why can’t you just run for office?

      Two well timed lines, that’s all you apparently needed to obtain my vote. lol

    2. Of course if he helps and we own him in the future. This is a move by the liberal government. We want the governments help. Isn’t it a coincidence that our boarder is open to America and all of a sudden we have a forth wave. Because in July when we opened we didn’t have this big wave of covid until the American border was open. And who approved that. The liberals

  2. Is this how it works! Help is available to ppl who needs it and it’s rejected. The ppl should asked this guy to resign!

  3. After seeing Kenney’s terrible response and O’Toole’s failure to criticize Kenney, am glad the federal Conservatives lost the election.

    1. So if Kenny was criticized by O’Toole, then you’d had been upset and sad at the conservative loss? You’d think differently then?

      Or would you still be a salty hater?

  4. Kenney too desperate to turn down anyone.
    Yet there he is, sitting on his mountain of surplus of “peer country approved” hydrochloroquine. Cons at the Calgary HQ are baffled by the covid crisis.

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