1. i would rather see him do one of those garden hose commercials where he gets tangled up in the hose

  2. I remember everytime we would go vacation my parents would put him on late at night in the hotel, that is my memory of him

    1. @Donald Stanfield I know right! I hate talk shows! If I want to listen to people talk about random things, I don’t need a show for that! Haha

    1. @Donald Stanfield this is obviously the correct answer. With all these conspiracy theories lately I forget the simplest explanation is usually the correct one.

    1. Super awkward. Associate editor must have had to step in today. We can read text and listen to audio at the same time, folks.

  3. Jeanne Moos has wasted more
    Minutes oF My life on completely useless “stories” than I’d care to admit.

    Keep it up Jeanne!

    1. Why do you keep watching right wing capitalist media then. Democracy Now actually reports on workers strikes instead of glorifying racist people like this

  4. I’ve always liked this reporters’ stories and style of reporting. A tone of sarcasm and ridicule of the sometimes ridiculous.

  5. If you’ve seen The Expendables, you will wonder if there was a pair of machine guns mounted in the tip of the nose

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