Jayapal: ‘1.3 Million Would Be Lifted Out Of Poverty’ If We Increased The Minimum Wage | The ReidOut 1

Jayapal: ‘1.3 Million Would Be Lifted Out Of Poverty’ If We Increased The Minimum Wage | The ReidOut


On the Senate Parliamentarian ruling against a minimum wage increase being included via reconciliation, Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal says, "We can't go back to voters and say, 'Sorry, we couldn't do it because the parliamentarian said we can't do it.'" Aired on 03/01/2021.
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Jayapal: ‘1.3 Million Would Be Lifted Out Of Poverty’ If We Increased The Minimum Wage | The ReidOut


    1. @Joseph Stanhope Ohhhh just as long as it’s not your company if you own one…RIGHT! Liberals are SO moral with their mouth and with someone elses wallet…AND ENDLESS amout of someone elses money they will spend to push their moral code….

    2. @Joseph Stanhope Go clean my toilet Democrat. And Dont steal anything on the way out ya leech…I’ll toss ya a quarter ta clown..

    1. It’s funny you say look it up, and you are lying lol. They most definitely have not. PS 18 AUSD is 13.97 USD

    2. @Bourbon Cowboy dude, wow, your stupidity is showing publically … minimum wage
      not exchange rate

  1. The guy with a $26 million dollar classic car collection telling people he can’t afford to pay his employees $15 an hour without raising prices is one of the most hypocritical pieces of garbage I’ve ever heard yet people actually believe it.

    1. If you’re talking about Rob Walton, keep in mind that he inherited Walmart from his father. So it’s not like he himself worked to build that fortune. It was gifted to him.

  2. Reach out over the Rogues in the GOP and let them know we all family I can’t believe Amazon treat them like that

  3. Gaslighting is the official republican platform.

    In retaliation for Dems’ proposal to raise the minimum wage, Republicans just proposed a bill to lower the minimum wage to $1 an hour.

  4. 50 million dollars all she wants is 2 cents whoever don’t agree with that is just pure greedy!!

  5. Zero Tolerance: they were doing that before that policy was official I saw with my own eyes parents hiding at parks at the local level

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