Jayapal On Trump Derailing Covid Relief Talks: Democrats Wanted $2000 Checks | The ReidOut | MSNBC

Jayapal On Trump Derailing Covid Relief Talks: Democrats Wanted $2000 Checks | The ReidOut | MSNBC 1


Here’s what Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal had to say about Trump derailing covid relief talks asking for more in stimulus checks: "The president is being disingenuous at best, cruel at worst. 250 days ago, I introduced a bill with Rashida Tlaib and others for $2000 in survival checks … We were pushing for more money the entire time." Aired on 12/23/2020.
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Jayapal On Trump Derailing Covid Relief Talks: Democrats Wanted $2000 Checks | The ReidOut | MSNBC

84 Comments on "Jayapal On Trump Derailing Covid Relief Talks: Democrats Wanted $2000 Checks | The ReidOut | MSNBC"

  1. No pork spending until America is on her feet…period.

    • @silvernblack21 Oh no . Your’e not a black hebrew israelite are you ?

    • @Rydra Wong don’t forget we added $10T, about 50% of our GNP, in what Trump called our biggliest, bestest, most powerful economy ever. The deficit was going down until the republicans took control. Same story with Reagan and Bush Jr.. Only Clinton was paying down the debt.

    • WTF you mean until. NO MORE!!!

    • @Greg Helton That is the biggest con. The “budget surplus” of the Clinton years was all smoke-and-mirrors. It was completely driven by treasury revenues from the simultaneous Tech and Real Estate Bubbles. Once both of those burst, so did the surplus. That ‘magical’ surplus was already rapidly disappearing in Clinton’s final year in office — long before the Bush Tax cuts took effect.

    • @Rydra Wong I’ma just eat some popcorn in the corner because I’m not getting stuck in this blackhole again *entertain me internet arguers*

  2. None of our money should be going overseas.

    • Hector Cartaya | December 24, 2020 at 1:17 AM | Reply

      @Sean Greenwood don’t forget about the funds the Clintons received to aid Haiti… I’m still waiting what they did with all that money

    • @Charles L Jones sounds like ur anti American

    • Hector Cartaya | December 24, 2020 at 1:19 AM | Reply

      @Remy Hendra I hope you donated your first check to Africa.

    • @unholyrevenger72 Not when you are borrowing the money you are giving away. We are at 128% of US debt to GDP looking at 30 trillion now and people still think it is ok to just give cash away. I hope you are as cavalier about aid when the dollar collapses cause at this rate that is exactly what is going to happen.

    • Wasn’t all this money they’re arguing about “giving”, our money in the first place?

  3. American people want to know why you can’t pass a bill for covid relief ONLY.

  4. Covid relief for who? Not for you and me that’s for sure.

  5. The bill looked more like the Endowment of the Arts funding.

  6. If the disease is serious enough to cause government ordered shutdowns and job loss, then the relief effort should be serious.

    • The gov’t shouldn’t be able to order a shutdown in the first place or order businesses to close, ask yourself, who gave them that ability? I’ll tell you they gave it to themselves just like all the rest of their control over us they gave to themselves, the ability to tax us they gave to themselves in the constitution, you know the document meant to give the people rights not the gov’t but it doesn’t stop them from given those rights to themselves and locking it in in the constitution. They can also tax us however much they feel like even 100% of our income if they felt like it. The gov’t is trash and the more they give us in free money and social services; welfare, food stamps, social security, these stimulus checks ECT the more they control us, the more money they take from us especially through taxes the more they control us. The gov’t needs to be forcefully removed and a war is the only way, as much as I wouldn’t want that it’s the only way I see. How does protesting help, just protesting for the corrupt politicians to do something to help but they’re corrupt so they don’t listen because it’s just words to them just like the constitution is just a piece of paper to them. History shows that whenever injustice happens and people want freedom they start with protests but it always ends up in a brutal war because the protests fall on deaf ears, it’s ignorant to ask corrupt people to stop being corrupt.

    • SunnyDiegoProduction | December 24, 2020 at 12:38 AM | Reply

      @William Morgan I’m guessing you’re pro choice also, or is that too much freedom for the little ladies?

    • @William Morgan Im not for big government and not socialistic. In this case, people were forced to shut down. The economy slowed and people were permanently laid off. Businesses went under. Just saying the government needs to fix the problem they created with their solution of shutdown. $600 dollars is nothing compared to what people lost.

    • @SunnyDiegoProduction slick dodge bruh

  7. Javier Cervantes | December 23, 2020 at 10:12 PM | Reply


  8. they had months to pass a stimulus bill leading up to the election, didn’t they?

    • @Wade S she hated him so much that rather than help AMERICA, while on his watch, she screwed AMERICA, FOR MONTHS NOW. We pay that witch almost $1,000.00 per day to do her job. SHE NEEDS TO DO HER JOB NOT HER HAIR!

    • Democrats: We can’t have Trumps name on another stimulus check and it might sway some voters to vote for him……let’s hold off until after the election…….

    • @Mr. White that is what Nancy Pelosi stated. She didn’t want to help Us.

    • @Amy Bahner this whole year was a hit job on the President to make sure he doesn’t win the election. People will realize all of this one day…….

    • @Phantom Finger he? he who?? who has been calling for bigger checks from “day zero”?? it sure wasn’t Trump whos been MIA this whole year letting Mitch do all the leading. Trump had Mnchin and Meadows in with Pelosi at one point, and Mnuchin and wanted to cut a deal but Meadows kept f-ing it up and had Trumps ear.

      again. Republicans don’t believe in government, so they sabotage it. and in this very serious circumstance, are taking America down into Depression.

      but as long as they can blame “Biden” for it, foxnewsers will believe it. from thier shantytowns.

  9. Media, and yapping politicians..all of them crooks.

    Stop acting like you care about the American people 🙏

  10. Stop giving our much-needed money to other countries.

  11. I don’t think they’ll understand URGENCY until they see fire.

    • Tessmage Tessera | December 24, 2020 at 1:10 AM | Reply

      @Robert Quarry No, it’s called a fire.

    • Second American Revolution | December 24, 2020 at 1:12 AM | Reply

      Nope not how they work at all. When they see fire, they just go: “See, the devastating effects of climate change are all around us. We need to oppress people more and put more funds into the UN and give congress a raise.”

    • I with you..something needs to be done. Not just election time, but now, before our Country ends up run like a Third World Country. These people need to Feel the Burn….literally.

    • Mortimer Brewster | December 24, 2020 at 1:22 AM | Reply

      Correction, until they SEE US FIRING AT THEM. And hitting them, right between the F’ing eyes. I know MANY small business owners they’ve F’d who’d be HAPPY to shoot them DEAD.

    • Tessmage Tessera | December 24, 2020 at 1:22 AM | Reply

      @Romeo Hodges A general strike would fit the bill. No violence, we simply refuse to work or pay taxes.

  12. These bills are trash with how they’re using our taxpayer money.

    • I suggest every last American refuse to pay taxes. Our founder partly went to war because of taxation without representation and guess what we have now, taxation without representation. We wouldn’t go to war in the modern era though because we are all so sensative about war we all just gave up actually fighting for what’s right and just and for our freedom, rather just use words which are useless when dealing with corrupt people that don’t care about you, if they don’t care about you then why would they care about what you have to say. There is a reason we have a 2nd amendment I just hope people are willing to use it for it’s purpose before our freedom is gone completely. Once it’s gone here there is no other place on earth to find freedom.

    • @William Morgan me and the boys commiting tax fraud

  13. they leave out the fact that the majority of the money she is talking about had nothing to do with the american people but more of what trump just said about this one.

  14. Singularity Squared LLC. | December 23, 2020 at 11:00 PM | Reply

    Masterful job of not answering a question, by offering information that is no longer remotely relevant.

  15. MSM is the worst thing in America next to long term politicians. TERM LIMITS for all!

  16. Meanwhile, none of these people have missed a paycheck!!!

  17. *Trump* promised he wouldn’t sign another bloated ominous bill so they tried to tie it to Covid relief which was already pathetic half the size *Trump* suggested pre-election

  18. The bill is full of money for foreign countries. Pass a bill solely to help Americans.

    • @Wind Storm

      $1.4 bil to multiple Asian countries
      $1.3 bil to Egypt
      $700 mil to Sudan
      $455 mil to Ukraine
      $500 mil to Isreal
      $130 mil to Nepal
      $135 mil to Burma
      $85 mil to Cambodia
      $25 mil to Pakistan

      $600 to Americans

      There are much more in the bill. This is just a tiny sample.

    • SouthBay RickyBobby | December 24, 2020 at 12:35 AM | Reply

      MichyTooNasty 2.5 million dollars to count the number of amberjack in the Gulf of Mexico. Lol I wish I could actually laugh…..

    • @A L Just to clarify is this in the actual COVID bill or defense budget?

    • @Wind Storm covid bill…the defense bill is anothee atrocity.

    • @A L bruh. 890 BILLION to americans. lmfao u really finna just count the amount of money for 1 person?????? 890 BILLION total to americans silly guy

  19. *That ratio, tho*

    Didn’t the Crypt Keeper Pelosi hardball Trump on exactly this leading up to the election?

    • Yes she did because it would help him win votes and now even she’s saying she agrees with his 2000 dollar demand and the whole time he had been saying he wanted more.

  20. American taxes should be used to support AMERICA.
    Pakistan doesn’t need ‘gender studies’.

    • Pakistan can pay for its own marxists indoctrination.

    • I mean…

    • darthvader5300 | December 24, 2020 at 1:20 AM | Reply

      American Taxpayers’ money only for America CITIZENS and inside America, not foreign countries not for DNC Political Pork $ Loaded Institutions like Kennedy Center – $26,400,000.00
      Smithsonian – $1,000,000,000.00 Natnl Art Galley – $154,000,000.00
      Natnl Art & Humanities – $167,000,000.00
      W. Wilson Center – $14,000,000.00. FOR THE AMERICAN CITIZENS (LEGAL ONLY).

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