Jean-Pierre Is The First Black Woman To Lead WH Briefing In 30 Years 1

Jean-Pierre Is The First Black Woman To Lead WH Briefing In 30 Years


Principal Deputy Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre made history as the first openly gay spokeswoman and first Black woman to lead a White House press briefing in 30 years.

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    1. Ummm. All Democrats ONLY care about skin color and if you cant get with that maybe you’re not as much of an ally as we thought and need to be reeee educated.

    2. @Jack Dorseys Mom No, Democrats only care about using skin color as a wedge issue. They have little interest in healing the racial divide because if they do, then they can’t make racism a political issue

    3. @Stargazer Lily ‘I’ve lost count of the amount of racist comments from some conservatives I’ve seen make about Obama.’

      Oooh, I’ve got a better one. Do racist comments from Joe Biden WHILE serving as Obama’s vice president. Also a long list, but manageable.

    4. @Bradyn Lotterman one black person? Hold up a picture of Republican congress and a Democrat one, maybe you will see the problem. In current congress 83% of minorities are Democrats, when only 17% are Republicans, go figure.

  1. Hmm all i noticed was that she didn’t circle back, but thanks for making this a race issue nbc.

    1. @bo gard once again, you blame the people who freed the slaves (Republicans) instead of the party of I just told you.

    2. @bo gard blame anyone and anything except yourselves. Insist government fix you. This is why you’re still where you are.

    3. @Stargazer Lily btw? Government CAN help! It’s called mandatory 10-life for anyone caught with an illegal weapon. No parole. But you’d rather put criminals back on your streets. You get what you vote for so awwwwwwww.

  2. So much for content of character being the scale of judging a person’s qualifications.

  3. The content of her character is important. Color and sexual preference means little in regards to job performance. This country has forgotten that.

    1. No, the country hasn’t. Most of the comments are like yours. It’s democrats and msnbc that are pushing identity over character.

    2. @John Clarke Convenient position to take when *your* identity has been the majority since this country’s inception. Imagine *not* being a white cis male for a second. Can you do that? Think outside of yourself even for an instant?

    3. @Barry Coates — you’re essentially saying that the country has forgotten that the only identity that matters is white cis male. There are so many snowflakes in these comments it’s a fvckin’ blizzard. O_o

    1. That’s a convenient position to take when the people at the podium have looked like you since the beginning. For the rest of us who aren’t in the majority, representation matters. However, it’s a fallacy that’s peddled by those who’re only interested in the status quo that diversity == mediocrity, while history has proven time and time again that the opposite is true. We *all* want people up there who know how to do the job, and want to do it well.

    2. @Julius Caesar Believing in diversity makes one neither leftist nor racist. However, history has proven that those who make such charges are the true racists; they’re just gaslighting to obscure their own insecure bent.

    3. If you were black and my age (60), and had watched your people be marginalized all your life, you might understand why some people care. This little video brought tears to my eyes, same as when President Obama was elected.

  4. Ok.. I get it.. keep pumping people of color in positions until its common.. same tactics they used for centuries

    1. Yes. Sad how the liberals praise MLK then turn around and do the opposite of what he was all about. Being color blind and going by the content of someones character.

  5. Atta go, Karine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    If she’s good, have her sub for Jen more often.

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