Jeep Drives Through Crowd of Black Lives Matter Protesters in Colorado | MSNBC

In Aurora, Colo., a blue jeep drove into a crowd of Black Lives Matter protesters on the interstate, sending people scrambling. One demonstrator fired a weapon in response, grazing one person. The protest called for justice for 23-year-old Elijah McClain, a black man who died last year in police custody.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Jeep Drives Through Crowd of Black Lives Matter Protesters in Colorado | MSNBC


    1. I know. When Trump wins the second term the socialist democrats will finally know their movement is finished. America will always be free.

    2. @N A Alzheimer’s? Have you ever listened to Trump? Do you even know what the signs for dementia are? It’s more applicable to Trump than Biden.

    1. @Cliff Medina Your right you Dixiecrats were racists Democrats. Till Blacks joined and you hated that so much you jumped to the party of Lincoln and now you White Supremist racists have the party of Lincoln under seige. And now all you White imperialists are right where we can see and find you.So Stay right there.

    2. Chris Booth please don’t compare Trump to Biden. One is a man that knows what it’s like to have family tragically die while another is a draft dodging conman. Trump isn’t a 5th of the man Biden is. At least sleepy Joe owns up to some of his mistakes, at least he has a shred of humanity and empathy.

    3. @The Tweatles This is the same campaign of false propaganda the Confederates used to dupe poor Whites into the Rebel Army. Well at least we know whose running their show. Like LBJ said it dont take much to outsmart a backword thinking hillbilly. Just tell him he is better than the rich Black guy with the Cadillac. Even though he lives in a traitor park, with a 5th grade education.

    4. @Cliff Medina Remember when the democrats and Republicans flipped their parties in the late 1800’s to early 1900’s. Be careful when talking about what actually happened in history.

  1. “I alone can fix it. I passed my cognitive test with these five simple words: Person, woman, man, camera, TV.”

    – Disinfectant Don

    1. @Massive G He uis lying as always- they don’t use words that are related unlike what he says He seems to struggle to remember them for his lie too!

    2. Wow, sounds like you just learned something today from CNN. Good Dickus!
      It seems like CNN just discovered they exist too. They sure are smart people over there…

    3. Only Trump with his brass balls can fight these globalist off, what are you gonna do with your little fragile sentimental nuts? Hahaha

    4. On describing the rhinoceros..
      Worst Journalist of the Year Don Lemon, Worst Journalist of the Year: “a hippo”
      Freddo Cuomo: “an elephant”

    1. @LAST CALL There can be coups of things other than the presidency. He’s not the boss of these cities or even states. Or are you arguing federal dominion? (Hint: That won’t play well in the militia compound.)

      Positioning occupation forces is a good way to start a series of coups. Once all the key cities are billeted, all he has to do is provoke fights, seize control in the name of law and order and install loyalist rulers under cover of martial law, in place of the duly, locally *elected* office holders. *That’s* how coups work. These are coups of enemy American cities. Whether or not you support this particular scenario is irrelevant to conceptual recognition.

    2. @Timma Abrams His personal Sturmabteilung aka brown shirts spreading hate and violence, infiltrate some of them into a peaceful protest to make it seem less peaceful, even bunker boi with his limited intelligence could come up with it.

    3. @LAST CALL if i’m not mistaken, the moron you did that in Charlottesville is still in jail! I guess you can’t fix stupid!

    1. USA now the biggest KAREN in the world, even their president a KAREN Itself…….hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  2. I love how no one fails to realize they can and most likely do close these highways down once stuff like this happens. but of course y’all never want the context

    1. Sure they can close down the highways, however, do you know for certain they did? Did you happen to notice there were at least two others cars (pulled to the side) on that same stretch?

    2. ​@1 Handed Cup Drinker At the time the jeep went through, dear. Meaning, the highway had probably not been closed.

    3. @Doctor Ewnt of course god supports BLM. Pretty sure the first commandment doesn’t have exceptions based on ethnicity. So God believes all lives matter, so don’t murder ANYONE.
      BLM really is saying Black Lives Matter too. It shouldn’t even need to be said.

    1. Trump is the most successful president in at least 75 years… Democracts support BLM and LGBTQ. 🎶

    2. All the deaths caused by the left. Obama invaded 7 countries and dropped over 100,000 bombs and missiles on people. The left love anarchy, chaos, violence and death

    1. @B G – Once again …. ” it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government,”.
      Do you not know your own history? This country was founded by a bunch of protesters who became violent when the government didn’t listen to their grievances. IT IS OUR DUTY TO THROW OFF SUCH GOVERNMENT. T.J. July 4, 1776.

    2. @Karen Carpenter well Karen you must live in a Twinkie world to not notice Democrats want socialism for us. North Korea will look good if they get control. I’m not a trump bully I’m for someone who cares about this country an it’s people. You continue in your thinking just remember I told you so. Look up the ga guidestones see what they have for the one world govt the gates vaccine (I suppose you like him to) the cashless society an the mark of the beast. In informed people like you are a danger to society. I don’t care who it is if they are wrong. These protestors don’t want peace.

    3. There’s lots of fat girls. It’s like riding a moped. Really fun till your friends catch you.

    1. @Chewy Cook thank you for setting tessmage tessera straight. Obama was the worst president this country ever had followed by Jimmy Carter lol. Only Obama is evil

    1. If you were on the side of the Establishment you would probably see it as a civil war. If you were on the side of disenfranchised Americans, you would probably see it as a revolution.

  3. There is no a day when i ever heard Trump calling for peace or unity as if he is wishing for a civil war or a genocide. You are the first to condemn others for doing such things and now it is happening in your countries and you keep quiet. This person will drive your country to aches. (An African watching from very far) God be with you!

  4. USA now the biggest KAREN in the world, even their president a KAREN Itself…….hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

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