Jeff Bezos After Blue Origin Flight: ‘It Was A Perfect Mission’ 1

Jeff Bezos After Blue Origin Flight: ‘It Was A Perfect Mission’

Brothers Jeff and Mark Bezos describe to MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle what it felt like to be part of the successful and historic Blue Origin mission to space.

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Jeff Bezos After Blue Origin Flight: ‘It Was A Perfect Mission’


  1. Jeff BOZO is as much of an astronaut as Trump is an honest person. Too bad Jeff BOZO didn’t get lost in space. Jeff BOZO spent more money to go into space then he does on taxes/total wages of his employees combined. Screw Jeff BOZO.

    1. @Now Now well if you listened to put industrial businesses in space so earth doesn’t get polluted. Awesome idea your just a hater and are mad that you have achieved nothing

    2. @paul dooner I’ve been very very nice to people in my lifetime… a lot of people. Not everyone can say that these days. Oh and I never lied to anyone about going to space and launching satellites, and going to the moon, and about the sun being 93,000,000 miles away. I would never do something so cruel and abusive as that. Helios is your god and you don’t even know it. Sad.

  2. Rich guys in space…next, rich guys in water. Let me know when one decides to go to the sun.

  3. @ Jeff Bezos
    You should put 2 spherical external fuel tanks at the base of the rocket. Also you should have a miniature clone of yourself . And you shall call him Mini Me .

  4. Why doesn’t someone ask him why his Amazon employees have to pee in water bottles because they don’t have enough time to go to the restrooms that are located to far from the work area to be useful? Did anyone ask him that? SMH…. What a laugh……..this is what are “news” had come to now. Bully boys plays with toys…….ok. God help us all.

  5. Bezos spent the same amount of tim in space as him employees get for a break! Did Jeff poop in a bag up there too?

  6. “Big things start with small steps.” That’s right, Jeff. Kinda like not treating your employees, that made it possible for your uppity butt to go up there, like total space poop.

  7. To me the only thing that came to my mind watching this was: this guy earns more money in that very moment he sneezes, than I will probably in my whole live…
    That feels f…ng strange!

    1. Bezos and other rich people pay way more taxes than you. Be happy that you don’t have to pay your fair share

  8. Congratulations Mr. Bezos. Now, how about making sure your employees are paid enough to have decent homes, food , clothing, health care. Slavery is supposed to be a thing of the past!

    1. On his amazon plantations? Did you see his outfit?
      The man just took a ride to space just so he can be called astronaut. Therefore taking a pss on all the extraordinary men and women that paved the way to space with their lives, knowledge and skills…..

  9. This is like when the first model t Ford cars came out. The rich/elite class stuck their chests out and flaunted their prize while they drove through town and everyone in the bread lines just watched and envied them. I didn’t even watch the launch, I knew exactly how these low lifes act.

  10. That was awesome, for sure but… do we need to call space tourists “astronauts” ? Last I checked he wasn’t in control of the rocket, neither was Branson. When I take the plane they don’t call me “aviator”. They call me “passenger”.

  11. “Jeff Bezos, you are an Astronaut.”

    No Stephanie, he’s just the wealthiest space passenger.

    1. It’s so insulting to those who are actually astronauts. This was was just a very expensive disney ride

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