Jeff Bezos Launches Into Space Aboard Blue Origin Rocket 1

Jeff Bezos Launches Into Space Aboard Blue Origin Rocket


Watch as Amazon's Jeff Bezos and an all-civilian crew launch into space aboard a rocket developed by his company Blue Origin. They will reach the edge of space before returning back to the ground in their capsule. The booster rocket will also touch back down on its own after separation.

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Jeff Bezos Launches Into Space Aboard Blue Origin Rocket


  1. Disney land billionaires….

    I want an uber…he takes my tax money and flies for 11minutes in earth atmosphere?…????!!!

    1. 🤣😂 seriously take your Multi trillion dollar fortune and Reshape your spaceship please😂

  2. Anybody wishing to experience this for themselves, visit your local skyscraper, board the lift and keep going up and down until your sick.

    1. @Rodney Woodcock Perhaps a bigger schwartz than any of us but Lonestar still has the biggest of all!

    1. Lame. You are fine with mega billions spent by NASA using forced taxation in which taxpayers have no ability to enjoy. Now private people spend their money to allow regular people to go and that’s bad. Clearly you prefer authoritarian coercion to voluntary choice.

    2. While the rich open up a can of caviar, thousands of people get evicted out of their homes and kids go hungry. HE WHO WAS IS AND WILL BE FOREVER hears his children’s cries and will not stay neutral for ever. Faith must never be lost for HE has no impossibles.

    3. @Home Wall except for the fact that public space exploration and research has heralded massive scientific and technological advancements.

      Meanwhile, expert tax evaders are launching themselves into space and providing very little for humanity, currently. But then you’re here making one of those ridiculous arguments equating taxation with tyranny, so there is likely very little reasoning with you.

      The irony in you championing tax evaders while simultaneously lampooning publicly funded research is eminently palpable.

  3. Calling them astronauts is pretty offensive to real astronauts who train for many years & spend months in space actually doing things! Very different to someone spendingba fortune to pop up there for a minute or so then straight back – basically a very expensive theme park ride

    1. @Ken Munroe We need to find other habitable planets so some of us can survive after this one is destroyed

  4. It’s fair to say that bezos’ rocket successfully “penetrated” and “pulled out” of space. Congrats !

    1. @Russell M why would he sell his shares? Bezos has even said publicly that he should be paying taxes too.

    2. @Russell M if you knew how taxes work you’ll know that Bezos has sold millions of shares this year, yet his taxes is recorded at zero. Explain that

    3. This is one of many reasons why elites looks down on the masses like a bunch of subhumans… your tiny little mind just can’t comprehend the weight of this achievement therefore your mind just tried to make sense of it as some kind of funny Joyride.

  5. I wonder how many vibrating speeds the rocket has, and why doesn’t it have a little rabbit attached to the bottom?

  6. Well, if that doesn’t look like the most phallic shaped rocket ever to probe the outskirts of space…

  7. Senator Bernie Sanders told the media in late May, “It does not make a lot of sense to me that we would provide billions of dollars to a company owned by the wealthiest guy in America.”

    1. @Elizabeth Ellis Often times MS NBC does not provide the topics of her timeline. So I kind a champion when I can.

    2. @Elizabeth Ellis A mockery of communism and some levity while I am at it. Thanks for asking.

    3. @Elizabeth Ellis Often times MSNBC does not approach these topics. It seems that all they are doing focusing on Trump who has been gone for six months from DC and he’s in Florida playing golf and laughing at what is going on.
      Concerning pay equity I think we see a graphic example of what can be accomplished through capitalism. Today we had a man that started out with very little money and you had an idea to sell books on the Internet. His business grew and today he flew in his own spaceship. I’ve noticed the fact that he think a lot of people that got him to that position to include engineers, Amazon employees and Amazon customers.
      Right out of high school as a teenager I worked for a garage waxing and cleaning cars. I paid my way through college by doing this. The boss let me stay at the shop in a small room and back. After hours I showered in the car wash. At that time the bars in town were offering a free lunch if you bought a glass of beer so I would collect some change under the seats of the cars I was working on and have the free lunch as well as a beer that was my only food for the day. As my education increased so my value. I progressed with a masters degree in political science with a minor in psychology. I have done very well for myself and I have my own company.
      So pay equity is up to the individual. We provide everyone a free K-12 education. We have had four people take advantage of this education and have listen to great heights. Without her minorities who are CEOs of companies. This is all through education and Hardwork. That is the key to pay equity.
      Thanks for your post, stay safe, stay healthy and be careful.

    4. @T. R. Campbell I cannot believe that anyone who makes simple fundamental errors of language such as you do, has a degree in anything. I “think” you meant to say that Jeff Bezos “Thanks” those who helped him. What a peculiar error. Are you a non-English speaker using an auto translate tool? Or maybe you are just a tool? Is it possible that the lead in the car wash water affected your cognitive development, as this would explain why you evidently think highly of Trump.

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