Jeff Bezos launches into space aboard the New Shepard Spacecraft | USA TODAY 1

Jeff Bezos launches into space aboard the New Shepard Spacecraft | USA TODAY


Billionaire Jeff Bezos blasts into space aboard the New Shepard rocket, designed for space tourism.
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Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and his Blue Origin rocket crew blasted off Tuesday from the West Texas desert, reached space and returned to Earth with a smooth parachute landing minutes later.

"Happy, happy, happy!" Jeff Bezos said from space. "You have a very happy crew up here!"

The crew of the New Shepard rocket was treated to spectacular views of Earth along with three or four minutes of weightlessness. The booster rocket touched down smoothly about seven minutes after liftoff. The craft containing the astronauts landed with parachutes a few minutes later. The exultant group climbed out of the capsule to hugs from family and friends.

“Best day ever,” Bezos said after landing.

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  1. Was so nasty watching up in the air going back and forth and teetering in the air. Very innapropriate

  2. Bezos’s company Blue Origin and Musk’s company are in a battle for the most government subsidies and rebates. They are not worth discussing or celebrating.

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