Jeff Daniels: Jim Comey Is A Man Who Believes In The Rule Of Law | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

Jeff Daniels: Jim Comey Is A Man Who Believes In The Rule Of Law | Morning Joe | MSNBC


Actor Jeff Daniels stars as Fmr. FBI Director Jim Comey in the new Showtime miniseries 'The Comey Rule,' and Daniels joins Morning Joe to discuss. Aired on 9/28/2020.
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Jeff Daniels: Jim Comey Is A Man Who Believes In The Rule Of Law | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. Yeah — when he protected the Russia investigation by not revealing it — but opened an “investigation” of Clinton’s emails without first determining whther they were duplicates, which turned out to be the fact.

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  2. I’m sorry but James Comey begot Trump pure and simple! His ego in going public about matters that shouldn’t have been public begot Trump.! His ego that was so big not even his self-righteousness and rectitude could hide it, begot Trump! Fascinating character ? Yes. So is Trump. The SHOWTIME miniseries is based on his book. Viewers beware.

  3. I despise James Comey and have nothing but contempt for the fools and liars who want to justify his sabotage of the 2016 Clinton campaign. He had already shown his vicious and insane hatred of her in his testimony and he put his dirty thumb on the scale to put a Nazi in the White House. May he know no peace and find no sanctuary.

    1. so Comey didn’t have “anti-trump” agenda? (bc – per you – he was “trying” to sabotage Clinton)
      your post seems confused

    2. @Proper that’s a pretty perfect explanation of the timeline.
      (too bad cult45 can’t figure out how calendars work)

    3. I thought at the time that Comey was carrying water for Trump, and this movie based on Comey’s book does everything to show what a choirboy he always was.

    4. @mark heyne I know someone who was in his W&M class.
      to twist your comment to their gist: “choirboy to the point of blindness”
      (same with Mueller: neither could conceive of what they were looking at or dealing with)

    1. A F Trump’s tiny little goldfish mouth is one of the most creepy things about him. And there’s a lot of creepy things in contention.

    2. Time Traveler Dumb, Biden & Dumber coming soon to theaters near you
      Starring Jeff Daniels, Joe Biden and Joe Scarborough

  4. I am disgusted with Jim Comey getting involved with the Republicon attack with Fox Cable propagandists News against HRC. See the result in deaths of Americans … /-:

    1. Joe Biden’s first wife drove a car recklessly where she and her and Joe’s 13 month old daughter died. It was 100% her fault. As time passed, Joe Biden spoke several times publicly about a drunk truck driver who killed his first wife and daughter. He knew the truth. The prosecutor who did not being charges, stated that the trucker was not drunk, nor was the crash the trucker’s fault. The prosecutor was Biden’s friend and neighbor.
      Tell me ABOUT BAD GUYS

  5. Trump in Showtime Comey 2 part series looks like how trump looked at the Rose Garden of the White House when he announced his Supreme Court Justice….old tired and more oranger than ever!!

  6. Wow, this really rubbed Putin’s fur the wrong way. His minions are mispunctuating a storm in the comments. Good job!

    1. Comey was and is in camp Clinton. He initially cleared her and then when it looked 100% like she couldn’t lose he spoke up. He spoke up to protect his scandal in case Trump won. If there is justice Comey will go to jail. Cheers

  7. It’s sad that most people wont watch this Series. Read Comeys book. He was the very personification of “caught between a rock and a hard place”.

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