Jeff Flake Says GOP Can Still Save Their Souls | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

Jeff Flake Says GOP Can Still Save Their Souls | Morning Joe | MSNBC


Former GOP Sen. Jeff Flake on Monday urged Republicans in Congress not to support President Donald Trump's 2020 reelection bid, saying in a new op-ed there was still time for the GOP to save their souls. Aired on 10/01/19.
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Jeff Flake Says GOP Can Still Save Their Souls | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. @snoop alert Plenty of strong European countries (including Russia) have free medical, 2 weeks payed vacation for every citizen and stronger economies and educational systems than America and they are a form of Socialist societies and living better than us. Go “boom” yourself out of existence, you’re taking up air, food and water that could be better used for someone with half a brain….


    1. Your side just loves whores. People who ll do anything for money…..the Clintons….the Bidens….the Obamas.

    2. jeck jeck yes Ms. Pelosi will place a inter President
      If you go back to Nixon at this point of impeachment
      There were only 9% for impeachment
      tRump it is over 50%
      Adam Schiff and his legal team just got started
      Congress is in control now
      And forever
      Make America Great Again

    1. Why do you think Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, Saudi, and many other countries that are sick of us have tipped the scales towards him through bots and misinformation? They want to see America die, and Trump is the cancerous tumor that is weakening us from the inside out…

    2. See Bolton out this morning. Scary when he was the sane one in the room. I see why Trump fired him (for not going along with Trump on just who America’s real friends are).

    1. @Danny Lynch i am beginning to think its to late because the media keeps pushing lies and even with facts in front of them they try to project their wrong doings on trump. i really do hope ukrain will get all the information on hillary and biden and get it all to the AG but even then the media will lie.

    2. Dmitri Fukov
      Are you a trump supporter? Doyou deny we are a Secular nation with Secular laws?

      Can you compare the First Amendment against the First Commandment and find any compatibility?

      You’d have to be specific about what you’re referring to, but I doubt you can.

      Do,you reject science, evolution, climate change, vaccines, and/or the or shape of the earth?

    3. Ok, great!!, let’s join together and take Trump out!!!!…I’ve never in my life seen such a Tyrant in everything he says, do, thinks…He’s really unbelievable, historical!!!…..Let’s Impeach him, I’m willing to have any other President, Republican, Democrat, whatever….TRUMP MUST GO!!!!!..HE’S A DANGER TO THIS COUNTRY!!!..THE FOUNDING FATHERS ARE ROLLING AROUND IN THEIR GRAVES!!!!!!

    4. Q Wins
      Q’s have low IQ’s and zero credibility.
      You’re the tin hat, flat earthers of soceity.
      Your entire senseless ideology is based on your inability to grasp reality.
      Likely,to have failed out of high school, and have no science education whatsoever.

    1. Yeah, just liking beer. Can’t hold him accountable for sexual assault.. he was blacked out, and he was a white male with his whole life ahead of him, it would’ve been a shame to make him accountable for his actions

  1. The republican’s have no integrity. They will follow their father of lies all the way to the swamp. So happy to see it being drained

    1. Truth_Betold the swamp will drain if we can just get that plunger to force down that orange blob. The rest will follow quickly.

    2. Soon all the Rats will be turning on each other it’s already starting. Love it . Trump and Moscow Mitch are just the butt plug holding back all the and that would be the Republican Party..

  2. Jeff is no one to talk about principals, he quit instead of standing up for what’s right, I don’t see that as a profile in courage!!

    1. I will never ever vote for any lousy Republican again! Not even if I was on a republican ticket! That you can take to any bank!

  3. Jeff the lying flake should be the last one to tell Republican to save there soul. When he vote for everything 45 wanted. It would have been best for him if he would have keep his shut. Remember Brett Kavanaugh he was one of the vote. Beside Susan Collins.

  4. Stop callin the GOP the party of Lincoln, that was over 160 yrs ago! Today the GOP is not conservative or becoming more conservative, they are extreme right wing reactionary Fascists. Call them what they are! Hmmm

    1. @Dittzx at least from now on when they claim “we’re the party of Lincoln” we can say “and the party of Donald Trump”. Honest Abe + lying Donald = a psychotic disorder…

  5. Flake has no credibility. His record shows he has always voted with Trump. Can’t tell others to fight only after you left Senate.

    1. Flake voted for Kavanaugh. He voted for the billionaire tax crime. He voted to end medical insurance for millions. Pitiful.

    2. Yeah fight when he was there. Instead of saying it afterwards. No one is gonna take him seriously. Hope it helps some.But doubt it, trumpists are some hard headed fools.

    1. Well said! I find that really annoying too. The problem then is that you don’t get to fully understand what either of them is saying.

    2. I suspect that turns her on builds up sexual tension so she likes it get all worked up and then they shag like crazy

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