Jeff Merkley: We Need To Send A Message To Future Leaders By Convicting Trump | Deadline | MSNBC 1

Jeff Merkley: We Need To Send A Message To Future Leaders By Convicting Trump | Deadline | MSNBC


Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-OR) expresses the need to convict former President Donald Trump of inciting an insurrection and speaks to how his Republican colleagues "participated in the lies" that led to the Capitol siege. Aired on 01/26/2021.
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Jeff Merkley: We Need To Send A Message To Future Leaders By Convicting Trump | Deadline | MSNBC


  1. The problem is that politicians are way too selfish, only concerned about themselves and not the people they serve

    1. @Buford Bartholomew no brother, WE are who we think we are, THEY are the worst, at least isis believes in somthing, these politicians only believe in giving theselves more power and money, in that order.

    2. @Brock G LeftMannin no, this has been been going on since the beginning. He merely was the best at using that to his own selfish advantage

    3. @Patrick Thompson all politicians need to make make money to retain their so called power. F**k that noise, riddled with bad intentions

    1. @Out of Compliance Sweden has a public school system that requires that teachers in grade school have to have a Masters Degree from university, if someone there is stupid enough to take their kid out of one of the best education systems in the world in order to PAY extra money then I think that’s moronic. In the US though, there are Republican parents who would like nothing more than to indoctrinate their kids into the family lie. Don’t ask me why, they just refuse to listen to reason. Anyway, in the US the money factor means that if money is taken away from the public system then it will degrade, and remember, the vouchers do not pay for the whole cost of Charter schools here, so then bye bye free education, now if you’re a rich elitist I can see where you’re coming from, but I’m more for the average Joe who cant afford the cost, even with vouchers. What I do think is that we need to invest in getting the curriculum improved in public schools, this requires constant debate for what gets in and also constant reform. Perhaps where you’re from the vouchers cover 100% of the costs, and in other countries it may well work very well, I’m just saying in the US there are other factors(historic ones too) to consider.

    2. @Ms. Speak Tha Truth Well, personally I don’t think that Presidents should be limited to two terms, the founders didn’t think so either, it was added much later. FDR was elected 3 times and he was arguably one of the best Presidents the nation ever had. But yes, any improvement to education and the curriculum would be fantastic; and then with that education people would make better choices and we wouldn’t need term limits. Just imagine a really great politician, maybe one of your friends decides to run, and they are there for 20 years and now they are up for re-election, the Senate is 49-51 and your friends seat is the only thing keeping his party in control so that their environmental legislation can go through and humanity can literally be saved. However, your friend cant run because he has hit his arbitrary cap; so a much less experienced person who the voters don’t really know will be running instead. . . they lose the election and the world burns up, the end. I’m just saying, it’s easy to demonize “politicians” but if you remember that they are just like you, or your friend, or maybe a sibling, then you realize that some of them are not corrupt, some of them are there to do good and term limits just arbitrarily take that good person and kick them to the curb for no real reason, so in my opinion, term limits are not good. (In case you’re wondering I am thinking of going into politics, people that hate all politicians kinda scare me and make me feel like whats the point of running if everyone is going to pre-judge me just because of the title of my profession. I don’t lie ever, wither my mouth is moving or not.)

    3. @Child of God Immigrants contribute to America and make our economy great, next time you go to work you should thank an immigrant for giving you your job, you wouldn’t have one if they didn’t spend money and create demand for goods in the market. It’s proven that when countries like America enter a phase of really low birthrates and the population begins to stagnate, then the economy will fail. If it wasn’t for all those immigrants entering the country and then becoming citizens and contributing to the economy then you’d be unemployed. So now that you understand, please get rid of your hate for these good people. They have as much right to be here as you do, after all I don’t remember your mother applying for a VISA to bring a baby into the country! Therefore, you are here illegally too.

    4. @Out of Compliance Yes, AVERAGES are fun, but most teachers start with less than 40,000 a year as their starting pay. And there’s no reason for me to converse with someone who is clearly pushing an agenda. FREE education is a bedrock of all modern democracies!

    5. @Out of Compliance That’s weird because the Republican party has either been in a position of power where they make the laws, or they’ve been in a position to block the Democrats from passing any legislation for the last 40-50 years. Obama gets in and 2 months later we lose one Senator and bam, the Republicans filibuster everything and prevent Washington from functioning for the rest of Obama’s terms, then Trump takes the WH and passes crippling tax cuts and kicks 20 million Americans off of healthcare, and almost destroys the country and our democracy during the worst four year term of any President ever, and even now the Democrats have zero votes to spare in the Senate and can only pass half of Biden’s agenda; but sure, you’re the victim! Yeah right. You’re delusional.

  2. Why are people having a problem with the ‘LAW’? Even the lawMakers seem to be confused with the ‘LAW’!?

    1. @coyotes20
      FYI , for the New Year , I no longer chat with CRAZY Trump supporters . Please don’t reach out again.

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