Jeh Johnson Has Message For All Dems On Immigration | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Jeh Johnson Has Message For All Dems On Immigration | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1


Former DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson weighs in on the 2020 Democratic field, and he has some frank words for the Dems when it comes to immigration. Secy. Johnson also weighs in on the importance of gun safety.
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Jeh Johnson Has Message For All Dems On Immigration | Morning Joe | MSNBC

34 Comments on "Jeh Johnson Has Message For All Dems On Immigration | Morning Joe | MSNBC"

  1. A sensible message — the question is “Will they tone down the radical rhetoric that will lose them the Presidency?” Not a smart move if they want to remove Trump from the White House. (He should knock some common sense into his former colleague in the Obama cabinet. Yes, that guy.)

  2. Love legal immigration, sympathetic to actual refugees, but felons and people not in the workforce must go. No subsidized sitting at home. I can’t, you can’t, they should not.

    • How about criminal leaders of industry that break the rules. They are right under our noses. People coming to America are just trying to become Americans.

    • @Corina Amato 213 multi year Federal convictions for securities and investment fraud in 2018 alone. What does that have to do with immigration??

  3. So much code. Our values? Translate: we like never ending war. They industry that it produces sustains us…I mean me.

  4. Trump voters want Yang.

  5. What is a moderate message going to do about climate change?!

  6. when it gets to hot down there you are all going to want to move north, what are you going to say then

  7. Give the millions of immigrants currently living in the US illegally a pathway. Especially if they have not broken laws. They have built lives here and have contributed much to our economy. It is ridiculous to think that we could depart millions of human souls back to a place they know little about anymore. We should expect our Government to have a heart. No more hard core Right Wing hatred of people of color. No more!

    • Amen not all immigrants are bad but we do have tRump who lies degrades humans every way possible puts Dictators first America last.He is cruel and vengeful and Very dangerous and Stupid.✌

    • Tell them to assimilate ….stop bending over and letting them turn America into the third world crap countries they came from ……
      There are places in California that were nice now they look like TJ. You have people that have been here 20 years and can’t speak any English…..

    • Amen!

    • Ken I agree, we have immigration laws that are decades old and have not kept up with todays needs. So, should those people be punished retroactively? Somehow like you stated they are a part of our community and unless they have committed a felony or worse, they should have that pathway. Its easy to make people that are a little different and unable to defend themselves to make them scape goats for all that is wrong with our country.

  8. Did he say Anti Defamation League? Oh lawd

  9. P.E.M. Run Balance Wheel - RBW | September 11, 2019 at 11:18 AM | Reply

    🧐 -Jeh Johnson sir, 👍.

  10. The US has been keeping the country safe from North Korea since 1953. For the money wasted there, every American could have health care that rivals the members of Congress get for free.

  11. Jasper Perrywinkle | September 11, 2019 at 11:34 AM | Reply

    I love the dims free for all illegals policy. It’s a winner for TRUMP. 👍

  12. don’t think that black guy will be back on MSNBC

  13. Its so hilarious listening to your own call you stupid isn’t it Dems …
    Keep on running way to the left.
    Trump 2020

    • Since early childhood, every time you open your mouth, the foul stench of stupid spews out like a hot turd in the sun.

  14. So what is the difference between “decriminalization of illegal immigrants” and simply changing laws so Central Americans can move here legally? Oh, right, the former phrase has the word “criminal” in it. Uh-huh.

  15. The only people in the real world that agree with this panel have been consuming dark money propaganda for 40 years.

  16. Inevitable Crafts Lab | September 11, 2019 at 12:02 PM | Reply

    How do you keep Americans safe by staying in Afghanistan?

    The last time you went to afghanistan and trained people, you created the taliban and built osama bin laden.

    Without the US involvement in Afghanistan in the 80/90ies there would never have been a 9/11

  17. I’m not sure why he uses the lexicon of Trump. It’s good that the Dem tent is big enough for all views but he is certainly on the right-ish side of the party.

  18. Amazing how this panel spews such corporatist crap.
    The American people are so tired of our political leaders sucking up to corporations, and their stranglehold on public media.
    The only people fear progressive ideas, are those who fear change, or those who are making money on the stagnation…

  19. Finally, a fellow democrat that realizes that all of us are NOT for unlimited illegal immigration! Now only if one candidate would focus on the employers, not the individuals… they got my vote

  20. The hot seat, shake’n sizzling Mavis bacon, busy chicken head pecking upon the whiter typewriter, yes just a bit more white out on her that’s all folk’s, then it’s an all out Mavis blizzard chicken stuck gizzards. Brer wabbit wise, uncle Remus never saw a dime. Yes the bug’s eyed baptist and the thievin heathen. Can’t catch me, on the gypsy breeze, Yes sir run’n down on your “that’s all folks” don’t seem chicken head rightly somehow. My way a see’n, is believing. Mirror mirror upon the wall the devil’s blood wine glass is full and tall, the lady of the fire lake is giving me the same song bird again.

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