Jen Psaki Asks What Republicans Are Afraid Of On Voting Rights 1

Jen Psaki Asks What Republicans Are Afraid Of On Voting Rights


White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki on President Biden promising action on voting rights after the Senate GOP blocked Democrats’ sweeping legislation
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    1. @R Stedler You say that is if it proves something. That is like saying that nobody objecting to a marriage is proof that a couple will not get divorced.

    2. @Ontheroxxwithsalt aww you don’t like the truth? Well sorry but the truth doesn’t care about anyone’s feelings.

    3. @R Stedler oh you mean that rag that says that men can menstruate? Oh they’re very credible

    4. Lies that the GOP and their supporters spread is enough to last for an eternity, but y’all don’t want to circle back on that?! lol

  1. 1 Citizen, 1 Vote.
    Paper Ballots, No Machines.
    National Holiday.
    It really is that simple.

    1. @Mark Greenfield – That makes no sense. If you want to use paper ballots and hand counting, it is going to take more than a day. Elections took weeks to be determined when the country was founded. There is no reason to try to force this into a single day. You could make it much quicker by having vote by mail and have votes counted as they are received. This would get you the result you are looking for. Having more early voting would help as well. These are both things that Republicans are against even though they have no facts on their side.

    2. @Justice Matters You really don’t know much about Disney. Studios are in Burbank, California. Corporate HQ is in Burbank. Nice exposure of your ignorance.

    3. @Michael Duff So? Have you EVER actually seen how fraud-free elections work when no machines are involved?

    4. @Le Loup du Jura Paper ballots are problematic because they have to be counted by human beings.

  2. Every other first world country requires an ID for voting, i don’t know why on earth Dems are so against it.

    1. yes absentee is legal.
      But other than that you should have to show up in person and have a ID.
      Every state is allowed to make it’s own rules.
      And even though you don’t like what Georgia is doing.
      It still has a lot more opportunities to vote in New York Delaware and many other states.
      Don’t see you saying anything about that .

    2. @Groovy Grower we Democrats aren’t against for id voting rights. We have always voted with an id. Republicans are wanting to suppress the voting rights. Even Guiliani’s license have been canceled for lying. Let me put it this way…..Republicans are being afraid. They all incited the insurrection in January 6th. Why do you think Republicans voted against the investigation for the January 6th insurrection? Many have been caught and they’re spitting out the truth. Why? Because Trump lied to them. He left them under the bus. Sweetie, you need to see and accept the reality.

    3. @DEMIxGODxSHADOW yes. And I love being a liberal. I stand for honesty and not for false statements.

  3. What are we afraid of? Liars, Cheaters, and Thieves, just like we witnessed during this past election…..Duh!

  4. When not in power: “Russians hacked our election when Trump was president.”
    When in power: “We have the most secure voting in the world.”

    1. @Troy Baisden Actually that was reported early on that systems were hacked in 2016.
      Regardless, that’s just semantics bc you know what was meant by the comment.

    2. Pshitski/ Biden/ Harris are such creepy liars that they are death to ratings. Coincidence that they never appear on Fox News??? Where America turns if they want to hear FACTS?

    3. @393Windsor and not in 2020? You guys are pathetic! None of these elections were stolen, not 2016 or 2020. There is no proof that Russia interfered in 2016 or that Biden cheated in 2020. All of you guys still believe in the big lie, “Russian collusion.” msnbc are lying to you bro!

    4. @Steven Sohlstrom You nailed it… MSNBC and CNN have become little more than propaganda experts and just look like outright pandering fools, it is clear even the anchors like Nicole Wallace know and we all need a job, journalism and ethics be damned

  5. The point of voter ID and making things verifiable is so that no one can be angry about the results. They can be disappointed but not angry.

    Trump spoke about this long before the elections when he called for voter ID.

    1. @NiL laughs at your impotent attack, looks at Biden proposing hundreds of thousands of better jobs in renewable energy


    2. @NiL I bet that it’s all Biden’s fault too, not republicans at all. Like how the covid lockdown isn’t trumps fault, it’s all democrats. Your guys’ logic is so flawed it’s beyond satire

    3. @whyso curious he didnt keep his word on the pipeline jobs, why would he keep his word for that? He literally did the opposite of what he said hed do, dude.

    4. @NiL because trump fired the pandemic prevention team and caused America to get infected. If he wasn’t so incompetent, there would be 0 lockdowns… If trump did not fire the pandemic prevention team, the pandemic prevention team would have had the authority to prevent the pandemic.. democrats had to enact lockdowns to save lives, because letting Americans die from a bio-attack is literally the most anti-American thing I can imagine…

      Now both the republicans and democrats are getting tons of real estate developer lobbying cash, so they’ve both decided to let people go jobless so they can buy entire neighborhoods to gentrify. They’re sacrificing tons of working class people to enrich their massive real estate portfolios. They’re going to keep buying until they can’t anymore, like in 2007 & 2012. The bubble is just growing every day now.

    1. @congoballs our government has been corrupt for many decades, so has most others on the planet. Why do you think there isn’t health cures, and free energies? Well there is but they have to be very quiet. If it wasn’t so corrupt it would be blasted worldwide.
      … Just watch “celebrate truth” channel with an open mind for a couple hours. .. if anyone’s too narrow-minded, or too brain calcified with fluoride, they will start to see how they’ve been lied to & deceived by the powers that be all of their lives about a lot of things. .. not saying that you are, you simply asked me a question, and giving you my most honest answer. .. go check it out you will start to be amazed

    2. @Tom F.
      We believe in God; we love God. It’s Republicans that claim they love God but in practice do the opposite. Republicans claim to be pro-life but abandon murder victims because their skin is darker and their murderers are racist cops. Republicans claim to be pro life but can’t wait for the next execution as if they were in the Roman Colosseum. Republicans claim to love but their love rarely extends past their own wallet. Most modern Republicans are worse than the Pharisees and the Sadducees in the time of the Christ. Republicans scream anything Biblical that condemns any person for anything and denies forgiveness and love to anyone but themselves. This is how the world sees Republicans. Only Republicans can change this perception but anything disingenuous is apparent and only reinforces the negative perception of all Republicans. Racist and Q conspiracy nut Marjorie Taylor-Green and chomo Matt Gaetz are the face of the Republican party. Everyone knows Trump is a liar and buffoon. The Republican party has nuked itself.

    1. @Gregory Emmanuel I don’t know how they can torture their minds into believing that stuff, it’s uncanny.
      Georgia – 6 stage validated thanks to all the “doubt”. But they didn’t need to do any of it, why? Paper ballots for God’s sake.
      Trump voters reached down and took their TRUMP ballots from the voting machine – but somehow they were marked for Biden? They didn’t notice? They folded them and walked over to the ballot box and voted for Biden? Huh? Not even twumpers could be that stupid, but they want us to believe Georgians were. smh

    2. @Gregory Emmanuel “Proven.” You keep using that word but I do not think it means what you think it means. If you wanted to prove it to me, you should have insisted the Supreme Court take up the case instead of dismissing it because “Texas was not the right plaintiff.”

    3. @Harry Johnstone Your sample size of one is so convincing compared to hundreds of signed affidavits swearing under oath that there was fraud, video evidence, observers being barred from observing, and states violating their state constitutions to change their voting rules last minute. Mmhmm… sure.

    4. @R Stedler You only see what you want to see due to your hatred for Trump. This is NOT about Trump. Information coming to light does in fact leans on the fraudulent side rather than a fair election.

      Ballots being stored under tables in suit cases and brought out after everyone was told to go home. FACT see the video
      Windows being covered with pizza boxes so the election observers could not see. FACT see the video
      It was found that in Antrim county Michigan, the Dominion machines had a 68% error rate. The Federal Election Commission allows a maximum error rate of 0.0008 percent. The Amistad Project
      Arizona had 230,000.00 ballots adjudicated
      Possible 250,000.00 missing ballots in AZ
      Deleted databases to cover up discrepancies
      Routers connected to the internet and show foreign access
      Sequel server software on dominion voting machines,,, which means anyone that has privileges to simply change values in the database in order to change the outcome of an election with no trace whatsoever.
      Ballots found in dumpsters in AZ
      Chain of custody infractions in more than one state.

      Is this not enough for you to stop and think a minute?
      MSN will not tell you this, and the democrats will tell you this is false information, however, there were over 500 affidavits from voters claiming they saw some form of fraud.

      Why not just find out????? We lived through 3 years of the Muller probe due to the Liberals screaming Russia, Russia, Russia and we paid 35 million dollars that yielded absolutely no results.

  6. We aren’t afraid of voting rights. The bill we shot down wasn’t about voting rights. Did you read it at all? It would have removed countless election safeguards. We don’t like that.

  7. Why are you acting like Identification is racist when you support The Real ID Act? Kabuki Theatre, ALL OF IT!!!

  8. “Voting rights” = all the last minute changes we made last year to give Biden the edge he needed. Not playing Democrat word games.

    1. @UCzxIjcn86xVSngNnZfnaZrA constitution says slavery is legal in prison. Its supposed to be an amendable document, moron. We already have over 20 of them.

    2. @Joe Juarez look no one disagrees about more voting polls and flexible hours for people to get to the polls, however, voter ID should be required, mail in ballots should continue follow previous rules so fraud will not be in question. Voter suppression among the black vote is utter garbage. The black turnout in the Obama election and this past election were up at it highest point in history. Also Biden’s plan wants to count votes up 11 days after Election Day. That is ludicrous.

    3. It doesn’t say you don’t need ID…
      it gives people other ways to prove their identity….
      people that don’t drive, normally don’t cary id’s or have id’s..
      its MAGATs trying to act stupid to common sense cause they know their stupid followers/voters would eat any turd they leave behind…

    4. @Truth Hurts so anyone that does not drive does not have ID? Nonsense, you still need ID to open a bank account, get on a plane, cash a check, rent a car, hotel room, use your credit cards, apply for a credit card. Close on a house, rent an apartment…..WTF dude????? I guess showing a utility bill would suffice

    5. @Joe Juarez Gerrymandering? Funny. That’s a known Democrat tactic from New York, Chicago, all the way to Los Angeles. You have a Social Security Card, State ID, and presumably identification for your job. There is no excuse to not have proper identification for one of the most important days in American society.

  9. “This isn’t about showing an identification that this is who I am when I vote….” – ““This is about who gets to judge whether your vote gets counted after it’s been cast.”

    Take a moment to understand what he’s trying to say. Now take a moment to realize how stupid it is. Clearly he has an agenda that isn’t for the people.

  10. “All us Democrats are trying to say, is that if you are a minority; you’re not capable of obtaining an ID and knowing how to vote like white people.”

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