Jen Psaki fires back at male report's abortion question 1

Jen Psaki fires back at male report’s abortion question

White House press secretary Jen Psaki fired back at a male report's abortion question saying ‘I know you've never faced those choices.'

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    1. They can not ever be … if not born that way.. js, no offense . One has to learn and accept themselves in the physical body they were born in. That’s it. Love oneself..

    1. @W but wait she believe males can get pregnant so what is she jumping down him for. He has a right to asked since she believe he can.

    2. @W It’s a woman’s decision who she sleeps with. Once pregnant the male has every right to be involved in that decision.

    1. She’s not strong because she deflected, became hostile, made it personal, instead of answering the question directly.

    1. Most ra pes are actually committed by delusional afterlife professing sociopaths.
      They expect the sexual abuse victim to carry beyond zygote to full term.

      Interestingly enough, a catholic threatened to arson my atheist parents Toronto home.
      Do you think that arsons produce happy happy afterlives?

    1. Fine, it’s their body, but should they maybe then be classified as having previously participated in an act of infanticide on a national registry so they can be avoided by unsuspecting men.

    1. @Dianna Wilson You have some sort of Phobia. I quite can’t realize which one. Probably several at once. Delusional and selfish.

    2. @Abed Islami Really?? How so? It’s the men who are delusional and selfish!! It’s NOT their body!!! If men had to carry the fetus for nine months if they were raped or the victim of incest, then things would be quite different!

  1. What I don’t understand here, is why is she running away from Journalists. She gives off the redflag of having skeletons in the closet.

  2. At certain point you can see her eyes to turn psychotic. I cannot believe our society believes this is a virtue. We live in a toxic-society.

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