Jen Psaki holds White House Briefing Friday | USA Today 1

Jen Psaki holds White House Briefing Friday | USA Today


White House briefing held Friday.

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    1. She never circles back! She’s a joke and so is Biden, he is old and doesn’t know what is going on…..

    2. @Staci Morelli’Cressman I bet she told her boyfriends that she would circle back as they were getting intimate.

  1. 4 years of trump has turned the media into utter garbage. They ask 4-5 questions on a love triangle between reporters and a low-level WH aide no one ever heard of. Its like college with these young reporters. And they keep repeating the same questions over and over and over. Biden has made it pretty clear he is not weighing in on the trump trial. YET they still continue to keep asking questions every day about it..
    I want policy news , they want gossip.

    1. They want to get rid of Trump but that is all the congress is talking about. Why waste our time! Get to work and get our stimulus checks out – it’s been over 6 weeks! Biden said he would send them immediately, what a liar! He has lied about many things in the last few months. Hope you all that voted for him are happy! He sucks!

  2. Haha… so this is your White House spokeswoman. Action aplenty, but not ‘dignified’ in conduct , gesturing here and there.

  3. Funny that Texas schools are up and running no problems kids are learning and happy. Why is this so hard for the President. Maybe he should call our governor rather than wait on cdc. Good grief!

  4. Like I said Texas kids are in school learning and happy. Why is this so hard maybe you should ask Texans how to reopen schools. Good grief

  5. This lady never provides insightful information. What’s more agitating is how these so called journalists let her get away with it

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