Jen Psaki holds White House Briefing Friday | USA Today 1

Jen Psaki holds White House Briefing Friday | USA Today


White House briefing held Friday.

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  1. Where’s hunters lab top? Joe eating at chinese restaurant now?circle that and don’t hold your breathe! Yeah I’ll be back!

  2. (Jesus is coming back! Soon!)

    (Ezekiel 21:8)- “give the people this message from the Lord.”

    (Isaiah 40:9)- shout from the mountaintops! Shout it louder! Shout and do NOT be afraid. Tell the towns, your God is coming!”

    (Joel 2:1)- “the day of the Lord is upon us.

    (Joel 2:12)- That is why the Lord says, “turn to me now while there is time.”

    (Isaiah 43:4)- “you are precious to me and I love you.”

    (Isaiah 43:25)- “And I will NOT remember your sins.”

    (Ezekiel 18:27)- “If people turn from their sins and do what is right, they will save their lives.

    (Explanation: just because a person has tattoos, or had sexual inter course before marriage, or had children before marriage, or uses drugs, does NOT mean that they are going to hell! Just because you’ve done these things doesn’t mean that you’re a bad person. He still loves you regardless! Never let anyone tell you otherwise

    The important thing is this! He wants everyone that is observing this message here today, to do their best in order to turn away from the following list of things before He arrives and he will open the gates of heaven to you:

    -disrespecting their parents
    -bullying/ being rude to others
    -making fun of others
    -Racist jokes and remarks
    -insulting others
    -cheating/ having affairs
    -selling drugs
    -violence (getting into fist fights, or arguments)

    Version 4.0

    1. Got Tquila and Martini.
      I love the M. Now the white guy is talking albout women laber force.
      Whats wrong with this guy?
      I want the redhead to say umm already…

    2. OMG they question the guy now?
      Mcanany never let another man stand on her podium..
      That Game sucks already.
      so Im sipping beer and you know

  3. Wonder if the wanna be journalists are missing Kayleigh McEnany yet? I know I am, a press secretary with a higher IQ than all of them combined.

  4. If ya’ll would listen to her. You might wanna ‘circle back’ on some of that hate. My poor Psaki is probably a little sweaty after all this poking and prodding.

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