Jen Psaki may leave White House for MSNBC | USA TODAY

Jen Psaki may leave White House for MSNBC | USA TODAY 1


  1. Well the job is about the same at least she doesn’t have to stop lying and pretending too tell the truth…

  2. I think she has pretty much already worked for them for the last 15 months. Now she can draw her paycheck💯🤮👎🏽

  3. Did you all know? :
    Mick Mulvaney (from donald admin; only fox will hire) is now with ABC .. now you know.

  4. This is kind of a lateral move, since she’s just moving from the podium to state run media; either way she’s still working for the government.

  5. The article headline said she was leaving to work for a “cable news giant” and now it turns out to be MSNBC. She must have done well of her oral presentation to Madcow. If hubby Greg starts watching that will almost double the MSNBC viewer count.

  6. Look how ethical she is today, as she reads pre scripted talking points. Perfect fit for MSNBC.

    1. @Joeg 911

      It’s pretty easy to guess what people are going to ask. None of these questions are surprises

    2. @Beegee So she writes the answer down before hand and call those that fits within the script? With multiple issues going on one would think that a surprise might occur or is that the circle back ones? Can’t write down everything can ya! Don’t wan’t to say anything not true….Sanction are meant as a deterrent no matter what the President says now. That was yesterday not today. Sorry! SMH

    3. @Beegee And I bet during college no question came as a surprise to you on any exam? I thought it was pretty easy guessing what question the professor was going to ask? Ace all exams, right?

    4. @Beegee Ace all your classes….damn, I apologize. Did you walk into finals with your cheat sheet too or did you know what the answer were without it? Didn’t know I was talking to an elite. Really don’t know why you are wasting your time on YouTube? You should be solving some world issues. I feel humble to be talking to you. SMH

  7. Let me guess, the show will be called “Circle Back w/Jen Psaki”. Hopefully they will make a rule that she is forbidden to say “um, uh.. and uh…”

  8. Sometimes.. you get good “news” 😂 Bye 👋 Glad she knows what a woman is in this clip

  9. Finally n lets be real she’s only leaving so she can secure a job since this administration is not looking good in mid election 😂

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