1. @E Normus the delta variant was first located in march in india. Go check the percentage of the Indian population that was vaccinated in march. Explain that genius.

  1. Come on “Unbiased” news where is the reporting of Larry Elder being assaulted by a (insert color here) woman in a (insert color here) gorilla mask and physically assaulting his body guard? There is no doubt that if this were a (insert color here) democrat candidate it would be on cable news 24/7 until the recall election and far beyond. My original comment was censored so I had to do the whole (insert color here) thing, I am sure you all can figure it out.

    1. They always delete comments with color no matter what your trying to say anything with race like Caucasian or African it’s complete censorship you can report this comment and I’ll get a warning

    2. it is against the law for a govt or employer to force or mandate any drug…all vx are drugs. YOu have the right to get a medical or religous exemption adn the govt can not stop this. See MAMM and also The healthy American PEggy Hall y t chan. see also brand new tube, rumble stew Peters watch his vid on Australia = under total Martial law now coming to the US soon.

      Corna has been around for 2 YEARS…YES 2 YEARS and we are all still alive…this was never about a vir. us it was about a world take over. seriously. look all this up and pass on.

  2. RIP Howard Stern. Shouldnt of said what you said about the unvaccinated.

    Uncontrollable Collapsed America population dropping.

  3. Well it’s good that he has a covid response plan but no matter what he does in this world do still be critics out there that will judge him

    1. his “covid response plan” u speak of is based on trumps operation light speed lol
      just like his “new border crisis policy” is to reinstate trumps border policies haha

  4. Vaccines *do not* stop you from getting the virus.
    Vaccines *do not* stop you from spreading the virus.
    Vaccines *do not* stop virus symptoms.
    Vaccines *do not* make virus symptoms “less severe”.
    Vaccines *do* give you side effects that could be fatal or a life-long condition.
    Vaccines *do* aid in spreading mutations.

    Why would you want to be vaccinated? This is madness.

    1. @Lucian we have the same number of cases now in the uk as january/February. And yet 7 months ago it was 1500 dead per day, now is between 80 and 200. 99% of people dying were not vaccinated or had just one shot. Vaccines work. Again what you wrote is just not true and you sound really really dumb.

  5. All the while Psaki’s children and most other DC politicians from BOTH parties are secluded in private schools across the country.

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