Jeremiah Ellison On DOJ Launching An Investigation Into Minneapolis Police Department | Craig Melvin 1

Jeremiah Ellison On DOJ Launching An Investigation Into Minneapolis Police Department | Craig Melvin


Jeremiah Ellison, Minneapolis city council member and son of Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison joins MSNBC’s Craig Melvin to discuss what he believes should be done moving forward from the Derek Chauvin trial. Aired on 04/21/2021.
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Jeremiah Ellison On DOJ Launching An Investigation Into Minneapolis Police Department | Craig Melvin


  1. If a car manufacturer sold cars that kept killing people or folks got sick when eating at a particular restaurant – they would be investigated! Police *_must_* *_also_* be investigated when citizens keep dying!!

  2. “Police write the reports; ” Every incident is written to put the onus upon the “suspect”. Hands up – Suspect advanced aggressively. Hands down- Suspect appeared to be reaching for a weapon. Any question as to reason for police action – Resisting Arrest. Full cooperation – Resisting arrest…If the arresting officer so chooses.

    1. Now you know why police unions will fight us to the death to thwart our efforts to force them to act like public servants and not as tin gods above accountability.

    2. @Mainely We can do two good things with compromise – strengthen the real unions and collective bragaining rights, whileoutlawing public employee unions. Sorry teachers, sorry coppers

  3. Good start but every police department in the country needs to be investigated. This is not a state or local problem its a national problem.

  4. Hopefully they will figure out that giving these clowns “Warrior Cop” training and having people like LT Kroll (the epitome of cowardly abuse of power) and his ilk made this department into the monstrosity it is.

  5. It’s a nationwide issue. Minnesota is just another product of right wing attempts to eliminate and control the job market. The tide turns as we see more and more rethuglicons seek to be on a winning team. Many rethuglicon voters now are distancing themselves from the party of white supremacy and hate. The many years of obstruction , corruption , and suppression is telling . Americans are healing from the fog of right wing misinformation and outright corruption. Parties over rethuglicons , small pockets of rural support won’t win elections.

  6. Many thanks to Max and Uncle Joey for ensuring that the conviction will be overturned on appeal. Nice

    1. You can’t know that, have more faith. “it” hasn’t been sentenced yet and I feel more anxious about that. It needs to be at least 50-60 years, and fear it won’t be ..

  7. @JEllison my man ! I see you…. with your (my favorite comic hero) Silver Surfer comic on the shelf in the background. Your dad AND you are my heroes keep up the hero deeds!!!

  8. The police force, from the chief on down…threw Chauvin under the bus. What nobody has mentioned is that Chauvin and his partner were actually training two rookies at the time of the murder. Am I the only one who see’s the disconnect?

    1. Chauvin is responsible for ending up in prison, not the police department and not George Floyd. Chauvin took the steps freely and of his own volition to press his body weight against Floyd’s neck for 9 minutes in broad daylight in front of a crowd of onlookers. If the Minneapolis Police Department trusted Chauvin to train 2 rookies, it is damaged beyond all repair and needs to be blown up and reorganized.

  9. This will, hopefully, make Sen. Mitch McConnell rue the day that he decided to prevent Merrick Garland from getting to the Supreme Court.

  10. Remove the local police so the feds can crush the poor getting state out of the way. Yeah Trump did this to the blacks lmao

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