Jeremy Bash: Will Republicans Allow A Real Trump Impeachment Trial? | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

Jeremy Bash: Will Republicans Allow A Real Trump Impeachment Trial? | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1


  1. That’s what con men an snake oil salesmen are good at,,, if they can’t convince you, they’ll try to confuse you,

  2. Time after time today, we’ve seen
    ‘Moscow Mitch’ *and* his venal cadre vote *NOT* to see transcripts *OR* call witnesses…
    Let history *’hang them’* for the complicit, corrupt COWARDS they’ve *PROVEN themselves* to be.👎

    1. KARMA for what happened in the house. Where were you when the democrats didn’t allow witnesses from republicans in the house? Keep on watching cnn and mslsd

    2. CynAnne1 No #45 needs to keep on making progress like he has been, dems need to be indicted as they are the true obstructers of justice and the true abusers of power. The only beings who could possibly buy into this leftist scheme are people like you who lack any depth in character, morals, and certainly IQ. Good luck with your future, hopefully you never have to prove your innocence.

    3. 🎶 “Listen to the *teeny-tiny* little troll-bells, *how* they ring-a-ling-ding…” 🎶

  3. I love the comparison of the two teams’ conference tables.
    Democrats brought the documents, the facts, and the organized arguments.
    republicans brought t’rump’s twitter feed! 😆😅

    1. DumbazzCrapts brought a table FULL of aldente spaghetti, for the purpose of “stcky” testing.

    2. Clark Kent

      Funny, considering your defense party is Adam Dershawitz who defended Epstein…almost forgot about that Republican?

    3. Ro G Nancy Pelosi and the other nuts in the house after holding on to the articles of impeachment for 33 days now want the senate to do their job. Nancy Pelosi Nadler shift Schumer and the rest of the Trump haters will go down in history as total FOOLS.
      WHERE IS HE HIGH CRIMES AND MISDEMEANORS ? They just set a precedent on lowering the bar to impeach any future presidents whether Democrat or Republican and the only way this is going to stop this madness is the next time we get a Democratic president start this same crap on him or her and don’t let up. The only thing is about this is Republicans are sane and they do not want to act the fool as these people are doing every day. The house of representatives are each getting paid $172,000 a year plus benefits and perks and they are not doing anything for we the people. They are doing everything 24 /7 for them to regain POWER. If they cared anything about the American people they would not be doing this bull crap.

    1. 2be Blunt <<< Look here everyone! .. a POS Trump cultist... and another soon to be terminated traitor.... oh and BTW, only YT douchebags thumb themselves...

  4. McTraitor leader of how many traitors? The vote will tell. Remember history. History may struggle with the truth but it will not allow it all to be berried

    1. The actions of Moscow Mitch will lay heavy in the heart of his grandchildren and their grandchildren, his corruption and cow towing to trump is disgusting and shameful!

    2. History will show that the Democrats impeached a Republican president for trying to investigate the obvious corruption of a Democrat.

  5. Regarding the question of whether there is anything stopping Bolton from having a sit-down gab-fest for a couple of hours, it’s worth remembering that he’s got a book deal. There might be some convenient NDAs in place re: the book that would make huge swaths of information off-topic in a conversation with Bolton.

    1. J Clark That’s the pot calling the kettle black..The House ran through their part..Should hVe taken the time to utilize the court system…Guess they needed to order their impeachment party supplies and favors (pens) with our tax dollars…

  6. So this is the great an powerful America! America judges the whole world. They do like they are better then very other nation. But in reality. They don’t even have fair trials at home. They have a trial for a corrupt president without evidence, without witnesses and without documentation.
    America is a joke. They shouldn’t try to influence the rest of the world anymore.
    Clean up corruption in your own house first. And give real trials.

    1. armyparty agreed. A greed cancer has spread throughout this country. It’s in every major organ of this nation. I think that’s Trump’s purpose…to destroy the whole system so we can build a better world together.

    1. *’Badly’* for the GOTPers…because they *knew better* and *CHOSE* to ‘look the other way’ for #45.👎

    1. Jack Boot > That’s trump’s peepee dreams!! His bff idol Putin, pres. Xi and Kim Jong Un got their positions already for life and he’s being left out! 😁

  7. 1:18 “What’s to stop John Bolton from sitting down, Lev Parnas style…?” Oh that’s an easy question to answer. His book isn’t out yet.

  8. Moscow mitch will do anything to cover up because he is part of the criminal enterprise and his fellow GOP colleagues🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

    1. @Sir Bourne Not at the cost you’re selling it. You can keep your respect, and Americans will keep their form of government.

    2. Imagine how WE feel….. A few corrupt rich white men telling us all to f ourselves so they can get re-elected. Sick.

    1. That will become more, and more clear when the Democratic party leadership is rounded up, and shot. I trust a good re-education in a FEMA camp will be sufficient in your case. Americans are sick of Democrats, and their stupid mouths. If they don’t shut up, something bad is going to happen.

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