1. To my knowledge, not a single outbreak has been traced back to grocery store or a construction site… even a year ago, when there were no mask mandates.

    2. @ub2bn you’re knowledge is lacking then. There have been cases in grocery stores and other stores

  1. Wake up government make our own! France just opened a new facility making their own (Announced today.)

  2. Is Jerry on vacation? He should zoom call Justin so both of them can discuss this over pinacolatas.

  3. Yes You Are We At Waste Connections of Canada we Haven’t Even Had a case In Barrie but We are all Dying

    1. Local30smw. My Hall says not a single case has been traced back to a construction site… and it’s been over a year, now. Go figure?

  4. Now all we need is the polictians to start jumping onboard and getting way more vaccines in and way quicker and now.

  5. In the historically lowest mortgage interest rate situation, we can’t provide the paid sick days to our essential workers. It’s a disgrace.

    1. Which essential working sector doesn’t have paid sick days? Hospitals? Old age homes? Fire fighters? Police? Uncle joe’s convenience store?

  6. Injections = new (variant) cases, sickness (blood-clots), miscarriages and death “side-effects”. See VAERS

    1. @Ashleigh Jaima Osborne they can go into quarantine. Targeted quarantine rather than blanket quarantine!

  7. Next in news .. oxygen is bad , look what it does to metal , imagine what it does to your lungs , smoke cigarette to protect your lungs …
    thats government logic

    1. “COVID-19” is the DHMO of flu viruses.

      It is so virulent and dangerous, that you have to get tested to realize that you actually have it.

  8. new reality? that’s the way it was before the pandemic. You got sick you went to work and made everybody else sick.

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