Jersey City Shooting Witness: ‘There Was A Lot Of Gun Power’ | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC 1

Jersey City Shooting Witness: ‘There Was A Lot Of Gun Power’ | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC


A shooting broke out in Jersey City, N.J., leaving one police officer dead. NBC News’ Rehema Ellis is on the scene with a witness who describes the massive amount of gun shots he heard. Aired on 12/10/19.
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Jersey City Shooting Witness: ‘There Was A Lot Of Gun Power’ | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC


    1. Distractions are needed as the impeachment fails. These people will do anything to keep you from the truth. Realize what your supporting my friends.

    2. @EhCanadianGuy27 COD I hear you, semi-auto rifles and pistols with 30 round magazines and hundreds of cartridges. Here we have so many guns and ammunition one would expect the U.S. to be like feudal Japan with as many if not more internecine battles. However we aren’t and we don’t, which is a testament not only to our laws and law enforcement, but to the people of our great nation. Trump will not be our ruin.

    3. @Dae Dotfan19 _people who are from Republican states they believe they know everything about Chicago and they don’t_ We know the race of the ones committing all the murders. And we know only too well that profile: Low IQ, criminal, degenerate, entitled, unaccountable, low impulse control, lazy, evil and contributes nothing to society. What else is there to know?

    1. @hoot1141 Not really dumb it is just illustrating the fact that no one is prepared to do anything other than saying something which can’t possibly do anything.

    2. @autumn rain How will removing Trump solve this? Our government was broken before and it will be after. What needs to change is YOU! STOP ALLOWING this to happen. STAND UP and DEMAND better!!

    3. I’m sure gun control will….Oh wait!!! Jersey has gun control. I guess it did jackshit to stop criminals from breaking the law.

    1. @Some Person Georgia allows anyone who is not prohibited from possessing firearms to have or carry a firearm on his or her person inside his or her motor vehicle.1 Georgia also allows anyone who is eligible for a “weapons carry” license to transport a firearm in a passenger motor vehicle – even if he or she doesn’t actually have a license.

    2. @ari b God I love you loser trolls, you change the rules when you’re beaten. Go hide behind your guns and changing arguments, I’m sure you’ll just end up shot and remember when I told you so cowboy…😂😂😂

    3. Some Person, If you can’t accept the truth that ari b is right that is on you. You fools restrict and/or prohibit self protection then demand to know why no one stopped a suspect in a homicide investigation from attacking the police investigating him.

    4. @David Grover the truth that he changed his original rules? Jesus snowflake, you wasted your time trolling this page then come and cry to me? You’re adorable but I don’t need to hide my insecurities behind a gun like you do.😘

    5. Some Person, Acknowledging
      The cause of few Concealed Carry permits being issued in the People’s Authoritarian Republic of New Jersey is not changing the rules sweetie.
      Particularly as this was a confrontation between homicide suspects and the police.

    1. Have you received any benefits from American tax payer dollars? Or from America’s existence on the planet? If you have, which you probably have…you are a hypocrite.

    1. Ex Libris, Despite the high probability of having more guns per capita little law enforcement and effectively no gun control the “Wild” West didn’t have this problem.

    1. Heres the real truth, this is actually really uncommon per capita, the media would make you think that if you go outside in america you will magically get shot.

  1. It looks like the shooting took place in a poverty-ridden black neighborhood with high crime rates. Anyone from NJ to confirm?

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