JFF Executive to Consider Technical Committee’s Report – Nov 18 2021

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  1. The team is improving tremendously which is excellent and very important regardless of whether or not we qualify. The 5-2 vote is careless and. Irresponsible. I wonder what technical factor is more important than the success of the team. Those 5 nay votes must be listening to the u-tube non- sense being spewed against coach Tappa. They say common- sense ain’t common any more. Hopefully the JFF got a little common sense left.

    1. I fully agree with this educated minds lack common sense it is proven time and time again. Coach tappa can not be fired without letting go ricketts and his team for poor planning spending and management jff need a clean sweep if this was English Premier league they would have fun them out by now

    2. Yes Sir I agree with you…the mismanagement of the players requested by the coach…even with Michael Antonio…the coach request MA for the Honduras/Canada window and they messed it up. Now we see some new talent in the team with much improvement. I think the technical committee should be fired. They failed to provide the requested players…in a timely fashion.

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