JFJ Launches Justice for All Campaign | TVJ News – July 21 2022

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  1. Minister of Justice and JFJ does both of you people understand and recognise that we here Jamaica do have a full blown crisis here in our Jamaica. Firstly, JFJ you saying the right things but you need to ensure what you saying is what is actually happening among the population of Jamaica. For example, where are you or your organisation sitting in this case with Donna Lee Donaldson, I don’t see your organisation out demonstrating and demanding Justice, you people are nothing but a bunch of highfuleted miss fits that talk without action in other words you and your organisation is nothing but pointless human bollards. Mr Justice minister do you actually hear yourself, do you really understand what the word Justice means, it means that not even you or your friends them are not above the law, so all of you so called politicians needs to be thoroughly investigated and put behind bars. Corruption is rampant in our little country which is stifling us, corruption in the Justice system, corruption in security forces who are blatantly murdering citizens of state and nothing is being done about it, and you stand there talking about Justice. You are nothing but an embarrassment to office you hold. JFJ you and your organisation clearly need to re-examine your role in Jamaica as your organisation is just a muted bystander.

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