JFJ Reacts to Plan for a Minimum Prison Sentence if 30 Yrs in Convicted of Murder | TVJ News


    1. Jackson shut ur damn mouth a life has been taken that’s life ur taking about death penalty not until it reach ur door step my girl

    1. They’re not concerned about the victims bcoz the perps have big money 2 circumvent the system n the benifit big time, those hypocrites.

  1. Mark Golden want to see alot of dead Jamaicans at the end of the year so he can say the prime minister is not doing anything . So sad these people keep playing politics with people lives

  2. First and second degree murder should be discussed with appropriate punishment.
    The current sentence for murder in Jamaica is much too lenient. There seems to be no consideration for the victims and their families.

  3. J F J is only trying to stay relevant
    That is all they really care about
    Keeping their jobs that’s their priority
    Not a Jamaica with less crime

  4. These people human rights, and attorneys in Jamaica don’t want to see crime reduce, I guess they making too much money off crime, is like the killer become the victims instead of those who been murdered on their family.

  5. Fingers print please what happened to the body camera how long for police all of you have something to hide nothing works in Jamaica but it’s works else where in other countries

  6. JFJ love 2 see murder rate over 1000. They also love 2 know that Jamaicas murder rate is in the 1st five in the world. He who knows not that he knows not is a fool.

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