Jill Biden on possibility of Michelle Obama as husband's running mate 1

Jill Biden on possibility of Michelle Obama as husband’s running mate


CNN's Alisyn Camerota asks Jill Biden if her husband, presumptive Democratic presidential nominee and former Vice President Joe Biden, would consider former first lady Michelle Obama as his running mate in the 2020 election.
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  1. if the titled caption got your attention, skip to 6:30. edit: Love Kids, Support Teachers. savin time short

    1. 7/C can’t transform nor transform into a chick & isn’t gay mhn, Soooo what’s the problem with that picture?

    1. @Hildebeast Clinton He is not a child rapist!! This is sick. Stop. He tool the hand of his grandson at his son’s funeral. What are you talking about?!

    1. Daniel Gomez – Lots of practice. She’s been doing ventriloquism with her Joe Biden dummy for 6 months.

    2. DK WORK WISE – You’re in the wrong thread. This vid is about whether Michelle Obama would be a potential running mate for Quid Pro Joe’s loss in November.

  2. CNN you guys titled this as if Jill Biden suggested Michelle Obama as a VP option. Talk about clickbait

    1. What a weird rant it was discussed at the end of the video… and if you read that title in that way it’s your own ignorance for reading too much into and buying in to a negative dead horse narrative of CNN having click bait …you are the click bait…

    1. this wasn’t about joe, it was about the education conference ..but one thing you can be sure of, joe isn’t out their telling people to inject lysol to fight the virus.

    2. @socal rocks Yeah, Joe Biden’s increasing Dementia doesn’t seem as bad as Trump’s yet. He is only calling people names and asking voters to fight him once in awhile. He can put together a full sentence when reading a teleprompter. (And, I’m not talking about his stuttering problem). His sexual assault accusers aren’t quite as bad and he doesn’t have as many as Trump yet either. They both refuse to save 68,000 lives a year at half the cost by putting Universal Healthcare in place like every other Industrialized Nation in the world too. They both have pushed racist policies and the Iraq War. Biden is the lesser of two evils, but not by far.

    1. Thousands of schools have let the children check out Chrome books so they can do their schooling and most households that have children have some sort of internet in the home and even cell phone carriers have given boosts to their services during this time.

    2. liberal slayer You’re calling her greedy but you’re fine with the billionaires getting another 2 trillion dollars? Judging by your name, you’re an idiot.

    1. Dianna Thomas… what a great idea.
      It would certainly help address the current “America is a joke” international view.

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