1. @Larry Hubble so your parents never had to produce your vaccine card showing your immunization to register for enrollment in kindergarten then? You never did that for your kids?

    2. @Jim Jim Curious…were you so against this when your state mandated that your kids get immunized for measles, mumps, rubella, diphtheria, polio, etc and you had to produce proof of vaccination in order to enroll them in kindergarten? Did you homeschool them because of government overreach because it was “their body their choice”?

    3. @ARLENE WUK which means the vaccines are highly effective in preventing serious illness/ death. You do realize that no vaccine is 100% right?

      Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are about 99-95% effective based on their clinical trials. Simple math means that 5-10 out of every 100 people vaccinated may not get a robust immune response and be susceptible to getting the disease.

      Its amazing that people are so uneducated as to the science behind how vaccines work. As vaccines go, they are INCREDIBLY effective at stopping serious illness.

      For comparison, the annual Influenza A/B vaccines are about 40% effective.

    4. @1865 Unperson where’d you hear that? Do you have data specifics on this from DHS/CBP? Can you provide the government link?

    1. @Arthur Drake not so good. Being a lefty loser I feel victimized by anything I don’t agree with. That and being white gives me more reasons to hate myself. How are you?

    2. who started the whole fear mongering over the first vaccine? then the others rolled out not too long after so those are better? people spouting talking points from the news but no real thought of their own. these people aren’t your friends but keep taking their word as if they are. playing on your feelings and then being stupid enough not to think past that lmao but I guess ignorance is truly bliss! ignore all the stuff yall dont want to think about write it off as crazy or conspiracy theories XD when you become the next boogeyman i hope it goes well lmao! lame fucks

    1. Foxed up? Lmao. Actually CNN drives more people to watch Fox. CNN has a segment about FOX everyday so people go to Fox to see for themselves instead of taking fake News CNNs word for it. Thus, they stay there, CNNs rating drop lower than snail slime and FOX ratings go up.

    2. We need to ignore the Japanese phizer paper that found nano lipid particles when injected into our bodies bind strongly with our organs and especially gravitate to ovaries. We must vaccinate at any long term cost. We shouldn’t study any potential problems long term so people choose the vaccine and are less concerned with any problems.

    1. @jim seymour I am white. Quit crying about your perceived victim hood. Bunch of pansies that think they ate alpha males.

    2. Oh, my God! The Truth at last!
      There is too much Trump University and Pam Bondi and Florida Republicans around.

    3. @Carl Weller Well, a few billion Indians are learning better English than Americans. And India is the world’s largest democracy . I guess it will soon be India’s turn .

  1. Let’s get real here. Faux News hasn’t had an epiphany, rather, their legal team told them they needed to have some truthful airtime in an effort to mitigate the lawsuits coming their way.

    1. When do you think capitalist propaganda channel CNN will be truthful about what the radical right wing Israeli government has been doing to Palestinians funded by us, and what our capitalist government is doing to Cuban people through sanctions. More centrist liberals should follow Democracy Now and Truthout

    2. @Albert Gront
      Typical right wing “What aboutism “. I will concede that it not uncommon for news operations to choose what to cover and what not to cover. That is normal. Other operations are free to cover stories they deem important. The problem for Faux News is the number of things they report that just are not true. Hence the Faux News nickname.

    3. @shakey if you think any politically biased news outlet is a reliable source of information you shouldn’t even be allowed to vote

  2. “It’s not their[government] job to protect anybody.” – Fox and Friends

    What does he think laws are for? He is so stupid.

    1. The reason why humanity rules this planet is because of our ability to collectively work towards a common goal. We are supposed to be willing to work for the betterment of humanity over self.

    2. @Sam that’s not what I wrote, and you can’t read, or choose not to. Read it again. I said it wasn’t a significantly higher spike than any state with the tightest restrictions. You are taught how to skew all info you hear. It’s sad.

    3. @infinitytoinfinitysquaredbitch if you are the government, you have to decide the best course of action to prevent deaths/spread from covid. That is why they lockdown. As long as there is a high number of hospitalization due to covid lockdown will still be the best course of action.
      Believe it or not, we share hospitals and its resources. People who don’t vaccinate get sick and swam hospitals, they deny other from getting proper care from the hospitals as hospitals don’t have infinite resources.
      There are no law that force you to vaccinate, that is your freedom. Now you can’t tell schools/companies/airplanes not to ban unvaccinated people to enter. They are just trying their best to prevent the spread and deaths.

    4. @MyDogsDead Congress makes law the president sign laws, Congress is the legislative branch,the president is executive branch of government,you need to go learn something about your country.

    5. @Jeezum Crow
      That there will probably be mutations if millions of people go unvaccinated is stating the obvious. But then you ignore the obvious fact that only a very small percentage of the world is currently vaccinated and billions will very likely *never* be vaccinated. So mutations will pop up regardless of what happens in the US. But again, I’m for people getting vaccinated, especially the vulnerable.

  3. More humans today are uneducated about reality they rather believe actors on television who plays the roles of presidents doctors lawyers politicians celebrities athletes

    1. The majority of the stupidity that you see here in the USA comes from the Republican party here. A lot are just plain crazy!! I mean psycho ward crazy!!!

  4. These guys need a lesson in logic. It IS the governments job to regulate behavior that puts OTHERS at risk. It’s why we stop at red lights, why we drive on the right, it’s called the rule of law, only a two year old can’t understand social responsibility.

    1. The government has done a lot of things wrong. If the government was so good at what they fo, the country wouldn’t be having the issues it does.

      If the government’s job is to destroy freedom and their own country..Then yeah, good job.

    2. @Clayton Bigsby but still its a lot better to have a goverment help than no help at all and all the problems in the country come from the people.

    3. @Clayton Bigsby one i think you are a liar and two it killed two of my relatvies and almost a third so you are a liar or just ignorant.

  5. The title didn’t show “whiplash” until I clicked on it. I was hoping for a psychological assessment of Fox’s viewers.

  6. It’s so sad that the Republicans are opting for a natural elimination…no wonder they’re worried about their votes

  7. “If I die, I die.” You make life so futile. That’s one less vote to the republicans.

  8. “Thou shall not tempt thee”. What that last guy said is like saying “hey you know what, I am gonna just throw myself off a 10 story balcony and not to fear the lord will pick me up and if not then I am meant to die”. That guy is just plain delusional and makes no sense at all.

    1. The Arizons state senate is already debating decertification. The evidence will be sent to Attorney Generals both state and federal

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