1. He’s in full blown psychopathic crisis – his obsessive delusions will burn him up in the end.

    1. @Adrian Pallis if tRump thinks the Heat is on him now oh, wait till he gets to hell with all his friends it will be very very HOT🔥🔥🔥

    2. @HonorsAncora I, truth! These zombies will learn the truth someday, and realize CNN is just as bad as the Nazis and Soviet Union when it comes to propaganda!

    3. @Daniel Parsons, telling the truth about our Chinese puppet, dementia riddled president is bad for business at CNN!

    1. Lol indictments, maybe in another 10 years they will actually find any actual evidence about Russia.

    1. Begging for donations is how he gets his revenue. Did you hear about his latest scam? He sends out donation forms with boxes “pre-checked” to turn one-time donations into a monthly recurring deal

    1. I agree, but if you book a wedding at his club, it really shouldn’t be unexpected. Also, if you book a wedding at his club, then you’re clearly a supporter, so they were probably thrilled when he graced them with his presence.

    2. @No More nevertheless it’s still tacky he didn’t need to start talking about himself now did he? LOL

    3. @d rod It’s definitely tacky. Regarding whether or not he needed to start talking about himself, given his narcissistic personality, I think it’s a good bet that yes, he did need to start talking about himself. From everything I’ve seen, I think he’s incapable of speaking without making it at least a little bit about himself.

  2. Reminds of that scene from “Little Nicky” where the devil is asking if he was a good devil, and his cronies are saying he was the best devil.

  3. The moment Jim says “Please don’t do this to me,” like 20,000 people just went and did it.

  4. Hes soo turned into a version of Howard from TBBT when he came back from space and wouldnt stop mentioning it lol

  5. “this is Beyond Parody”…precise depiction😂…Hello SNL/Alec Baldwin!!…making it too easy for the writers 😂🙃😂 couldn’t stop laughing!

  6. “you can’t miss this.”

    I literally can.

    Y’all can stop giving him air time anytime, I know the ratings are addictive but.

    1. TWFW: you booked your reception at Mar-A-Lago and you realize now it comes with a free toast by a former president.

    2. TWFW: you’re in charge of Mar-A-Lago’s reception business, and neither you, nor your boss, nor your boss’ boss can do a darn thing to correct the sudden, steep drop-off in receptions being made since that clip released.

    3. Plot twist : The bride wanted a rambling brain fart from the Orange Diarrhea, that’s why she insisted on a wedding at Mar-A-Lago.

  7. I love how there are a significant amount of people who ended up at ONN instead of OANN and never noticed

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