Jim Crow Still Has Some Nephews That Are Alive And Well: Congressman 1

Jim Crow Still Has Some Nephews That Are Alive And Well: Congressman


Rep. Hakeem Jeffries, D-NY, joins Morning Joe to discuss the effort to pass voting rights legislation and why he says there should be a filibuster exception to the Constitution for voting rights.

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Jim Crow Still Has Some Nephews That Are Alive And Well: Congressman


    1. @Dementia Joe Kid Touch – Fun fact: not all Republicans are white supremacists. But all white supremacists are Republican.

    2. @Bat Boy Fun fact! You won’t condemn Biden for using the N WORD several times!! Name one good thing Dementia Joe Kid Touch has done or just stop talking!!!!

    3. @Bat Boy Obama was the first clean intelligent black man! Stop hiding little boy! Do you agree with Biden??

    4. @Dementia Joe Kid Touch – I already did…Biden won the election! That is the greatest thing ever! 😄

  1. If they can’t tell the diff between the W.H. and the Capitol Building. I don’t think they should be allowed to vote.

    1. Well, it turned out that many of them actually didn’t vote. So not too difficult to see what their end goal was… Not exactly interested in saving democracy or fair elections, if your ask me.

    2. ​@Roger deBougainvilleI You are absolutely correct. That is the result of multi tasking.

  2. I hate to be negative about the voting rights and recent election issues. (The fact that former President Trump tried to overturn the election results was chilling.) He spent the reminder of his presidency prior to January 6th was lawsuits that were tossed out of court.
    This was not a peaceful transfer of power. Other than that, we have so many positive issues before Congress. I admire Rep. Hameed Jeffries of New York very much for his straight forward language in explaining what Congress is doing to help the people of our nation. He’s a winner! A straight shooter! Thanks for this reporting.

  3. This guy touching the ‘white house’ was not divorced from reality!!! He’s stupid and follows blindly. Lock him up to the fullest extent of the law.

    1. @Harry Johnstone such trolls are shameless – or maybe their pay is enough to silence their conscience

    2. @AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL nice diversionary tactic, dude, but you’re already busted on this thread, Ivan – anyway, I thought you guys were chummy again with the Chinese Communist party – what w/ detente and all

    3. They aren’t empathizing with him..they are on the same page with what your feelings are..He doesn’t like reality so he chooses to destroy it..

  4. Ignorantia legis non excusat.
    Also general ignorance is no excuse to get out of accountability for one’s crimes.

    1. @Glynis Joseph That’s not what the term or I meant here.
      Freedom. People can be ignorant and go through life if they want. But their ignorance never protects them from legal consequences. If ignorant people are good and nice to their fellow citizens that’s all fine and well.

    2. @McBain the line I wrote meant ignorance has no excuse from justice, I do believe we r on the same page, however, I’m glad u included more details to it, & I do agree with U.


    There is a new sheriff in the world and his name is Joe Biden!!!

    1. Joe has the little coward feminine dictator of Russia on the run!!!


      There is a new sheriff in the world and his name is Joe Biden!!!

    2. @Panchito Estelita
      Correct!!!! Putin had Trump tamed and wagging his tail for a loan forgiveness.

    1. EXACTLY! And how does he explain chasing the officer. What he did was illegal. It is clear that he is trying to use the stupid defense.

      In my opinion, if he is that delusional, he should not
      be permitted in public. I am sure that there is a bed in a nice mental health facility.

  6. Not knowing the difference between the White House and the Capitol is no excuse for committing crimes. He should be in prison. If he were black he wouldn’t be released. Besides, what difference does it make whether it was the White House or the Capitol, it was still a crime.

  7. Biden’s playing it safe is NOT going to get the job done. What a squandered opportunity! Maybe the plan all along…

  8. do yall actually think that a person of color would have got awway with saying they didnt know the difference between the capitol and the white house.. ?????????????????????? yes its about color at this point

  9. Stupid makes this guy More Dangerous!! Don’t federal judges recognize that when they are stupid they don’t realize HOW DANGEROUS IT IS?!! Whatever it is.

    1. Yep, the guy that shot up a pizzeria on behalf of QAnon to protect the “enslaved children trapped in the basement” of a place that had no basement, is a good example of stupid and dangerous.

  10. Meanwhile, a black man in Texas faces decades in prison because he technically was an illegal voter due to the convoluted laws. Ah, white privilege…

    1. And he really didn’t know he was doing anything wrong. He waited in line 6 hours. Obviously with ID and was allowed to vote.

    2. This case is a miscarriage of justice – shame on you, Texas, shame, shame, shame on you – correct this injustice Governor Abbot – we’re watching you, bud.

  11. He should be charged nevertheless. So if he had actually broke to the white house, how was that any better? He had the intention to trespass that structure, regardless of the name he decided to give it. He had the intentions to go in, and that’s the felony. He could call it a house tree, but If he still break in, still wrong. Anyone could claim to enter their house and start breaking into everyone house, how calling it their home makes the transposing any better?

    1. hehehe, I like it. I had to watch him touching the building and calling it the WH like 3x…he’s kinda preciously stupid.

  12. Jensen along with all the other rioters should get the maximum sentence for their crime, 20 years in his case…sounds good to me.

  13. His galactic ignorance is not a defense, he is still liable for attacking the capital. Extend the full extent of the law. We either have laws to abide by or do away with the laws.

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