1. We need space for an apology but few apologies are sincere from these people. From most people. We need shame to come back. We need people to be able to feel shame as without it we have become cruel.

    1. @NoBones AboutIt There was only one hammer dimwit. They were fighting over a single hammer. They were both holding a hammer(the only hammer) and fighting for control of it. Do keep up

    2. @Baaliwood Ahh. He is a liberal comedian. Always been a liberal. He makes fun of Biden all the TIME. All he late night comedians do. They talk about how old and almost senile he is. How are missing all the jokes about his age. Every gaff he makes they laugh about. Also I don’t think that Jimmy is trying to advise anyone on moral or political matters. Dude this is NOT THE NEWS. It’s a comedy/light entertainment show. I know FOX must have you confused. You are just a butt-hurt snowflake. Jimmy picks on Biden all the time whinner!

    1. @Trial by Wombat if you don’t want to believe what Depape himself says, nothing anyone else says will change your mind.

    2. @Jew Dy security issues? I don’t think so. There police body cam as well that we could see. Again, there’s no reason not to show the video and dispel all doubt

    3. @Trial by Wombat I’m sure the police would love to show you, some random guy, the footage. But, as this is an ongoing case, they don’t typically do that. So, you will just have to be satisfied with your conspiracy theories instead of the simplest explanation that one of the many right wing nut jobs who frequently advertise their desire for Nancy Pelosi to die tried to make it happen.

  2. “It’s Easier to Fool People Than It Is to Convince Them That They Have Been Fooled.” – Mark Twain

    1. @Rock Landstone not sure if you deleted your own comments of if youtube took them down.. an ad hominem response…. and an asinine one, with you doubling down on CNN being a truthful news source… ALL media is controlled, including FOX

    2. @Bryce Management What is your point and why do CNN fanboys use other people’s thoughts instead of their own. Can’t you think for yourself ?

  3. The truth is is you just don’t have to live your life on Twitter or Facebook..It’s toxic and not normal as life used to be.It’s like a disease..

    1. @Chris Albert me too. I do comment on this platform occasionally, but as a rule I have better things to concern myself with. A good book is a pleasure!! Take care and stay safe.

  4. I`ve noticed that the people with the most to hide, are often those who cast aspersions like pitchers in a baseball game. If they can direct our attention elsewhere, we will not be gawking at `their` shortcomings. Just because Elon Musk has been brilliant in many ways, does not denote that he is a good person, a kind person, nor a trustworthy person. I have become disillusioned with this smart rich fellow, but let`s give it a minute and see if he decides to put on a different costume, and become a variation of himself. I have also noticed that the nuts and screws all came bouncing out of the box about 6 years ago. Apparently, nobody`s picked them up and put them away, or there are more in America than I had imagined, if you get my drift.

    1. I’ve seen it on people I know personally. Money, once you have more of it than you need, changes your perspective. The only way to stay both rich and a decent human being is to intentionally restrain yourself and keep living a simple life even if you are lucky to get rich.

    2. @Florin Jurcovici Well said. Good information. I have already seen that Elon does not practice restraint. It is a shame.

    3. @marjorie goodwin Yes, Elon fails to practice restraint. He fails to recognize the impact of his off-the-cuff words and he never stays in his lane. He may still manage to solve much of the “bot” problem that Twitter currently is drowning in and if he can build a better platform for free speech that may prove ultimately to be a good. I’m sure issues such as speech that incite violence could be better handled if more people are actually paying for their blue check mark. Let’s see if Twitter is more civil in 12 months.

  5. What is this world coming too? I remember when truth and honesty was a righteous value. How far they have fallen.

    1. @Thomas Moeller Hey !! Seeing how you know so much. Did Kimmel ever apologize for dressing in a fat suit to play Oprah walking on her Hispanic maids and I quote Kimmel. On her soft brown belly.

    2. @vsedaion the contrary, truth and honesty very much are Christian values. I didn’t suggest they were exclusive to Christianity. I was suggesting that many right wing Christian fundamentalists embody neither of those values.

    3. It can return if we vote like humanity, decency and democracy matters. Get your fam & friends out to 🗳 💙🌊🙏🏽💞

  6. There are 2 types of people in the con game, those that are to stupid to realize they have been conned. And those that are to embarrassed to admit they have been conned.

    1. @Descartes walks into a bar yeah Tommy, you keep hangin on Jimmy’s every last word. That’s a good plan.

  7. Does anyone need to ask for an apology? I’ve always thought that when someone apologizes without asking, that means they knew they did something wrong. Otherwise, that apology is “hollow” and insincere.

    1. @Ryan Elliott It’s because questions like “what is a woman” is asked in bad faith. The person asking the question has a simple answer in mind when the truth is, it’s more complex. Like how “what is an apple” could be many things! “It’s a fruit.” Oh, so it’s like an orange? “No… it’s red” “Oh like a tomato?” “No, also it can be green, it can be sweet” etc.

      I agree there are some people who go WAY overboard, but it’s completely out of proportion. The media personalities who complain about “wokeness” always, always come up with the most obscure, rare examples of people getting offended or doing crazy stuff. They read clickbait articles and think it’s some crazy epidemic. The truth is most people get offended by people being nasty to each other – like Don Jr and his unfunny, mean joke about an 86 year old attacked in the home with a hammer.

      But queue the outrage over Velma being gay or a change in M&M characters, OMG the offence!

    2. @Phyllis Stein but your comment was edited.. thanks for the advice though, i did need some fresh air 😊

    1. @Sammy Rand Paul was a republican politician that was attacked brutally by a liberal guy, who was motivated by things Berni Sanders said. Democrats made fun of him, but now are crying over Paul lol

    2. @Adele Dorman One thing that bothers me the most about this is that Depape was charged of “elderly abuse” The general definition of elderly abuse is: Elder abuse is any action or inaction that harms, endangers, or causes distress to a person over the age of 60 or 65 and is done intentionally by someone who is known to the victim and in a position of trust.
      This charge is not a typo. Did Paul and Dave know each other?

  8. Simple fact: You cannot appeal to insanity with reason. Twitter never attracted me and I’ve never had an account. My life is still heavily influenced by the way others behave on Twitter. I resent that. But, again, reason is NOT a money maker. Insanity is. Apparently.

    1. Big tech makes more money on controversy and disagreement. So that’s how the algorithms work. Even former employees tells that’s how it’s intended to work. So we don’t even need our tinfoil hats to make that claim.

    2. @Barry Dunn Had a friend like that, and friendship didn’t last. He said i didn’t respect him when i strongly disagreed with him. Hope it will turn out better for you. Not talking about it seems like a plan, but it’s not healthy in the long run.

    3. @TrickOrRetreat Yeah, that’s not “friendship”, it’s walking on egg shells. Don’t crunch any of your deluded former buddy’s mental eggshells! He might just shoot ya. Best to avoid those people completely.

    4. @TrickOrRetreat I agree, but my wife, who’s a beautiful person and a real Christian (unlike me) says I can’t just abandon him when he needs help. Caught between a rock and a hard place. Oh well, life is sometimes complicated.

    5. The insanity needs to be blacklisted. People like Kanye should just just be shunned. They can say a
      L the stupid crap they want, but we need to let them know that we will not put up with it

  9. Problem is, what these people are saying is not a mistake (it’s calculus), it a calculated ploy of self-gratification and vindictiveness and an effort to bring attention to themselves. These people are the ultimate narcissists and psychopaths (they know something is wrong, but they just don’t care as long as they can benefit from it). In this case, we are talking about them (all they want).

    1. Pretty on point there. The idea of “owning the libs” that gets thrown around is effectively a phrase meaning “I am saying something disrespectful, and I know it. And I don’t even care that someone else is going to be hurt, potentially traumatized by it”..

      The example that comes to mind for me was Ted Cruz defending folks making the Nazi solute, as though he’s saying that their right to “sig heil” as protected speech is okay and shouldn’t be condemned. As a Christian raised person with German heritage, I am horrified by the acts of WW2, so I cannot imagine what survivors and descendants of the holocaust must make of this idea that “owning the libs” includes saying it’s okay to be a Nazi in current year.

    2. More importantly they are playing to an audience that believes them. That’s your calculus i.e. calculated action. As narcissists, you’d think their followers would wise up and quit listening, but they don’t and so the game continues.
      It’s like an attorney saying something in court they know will be objected to and the judge will uphold the objection, so the comment will “be withdrawn” – but the whole point was for the jury to just hear the comment in the first place because human nature is to remember it when they should ignore it. Again, some people realize they are being manipulated but too many do not.

  10. The good thing with twitter is that masks fall off, and nobody can say after the fact they didn’t know what type of persons they are.

  11. Amazing to me that people still equate where someone ‘went to school’ and how much money ‘they make’ as a measure of intelligence.

    1. @LoCoComrade
      Lmk how many low IQ people built multibillion dollar industries. He is risk tolerant and is able to anticipate economic headwinds. Which is exactly why tesla didn’t suffer much compared to the OEMs during the supply chain crisis. He literally directed his company to make more parts in house (vertical integration), which allowed them to manage their supply chain more effectively.

    2. Yeah, I can. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez graduated cum laude from Boston University’s College of Arts and Sciences in 2011.

  12. Remember when a lady called Obama a “terrorist” and the late great Senator John McCain stood up shut her down and said even though they disagree on many things but that doesn’t mean he’s a bad guy; what happened to that kind of politics

    1. @jacqueline schael McCain was a RINO. Hardly a conservative. Remember when Obama said, “Republicans can come along for the ride, but they have to sit in the back. We’re driving this car” Yeah that ended when liberals started spewing hatred for police, encouraging rioting, burning down cities, calling black Republicans like Candice Owens, “uncle Tom, and telling constituents to follow them into stores and harass them like maxine waters did in a press conference just to name a few

    2. She called him an Arab not a terrorist but your point is spot on Trump when asked about McCain military service stated I prefer soilders that dont get captured alright as he avoided service due to bone spurs

  13. “The further Society drifts from the truth the more Society will hate those who speak it” by George Orwell

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