JLP Councillor Dies in Tragic Accident | Extortion in Gregory Park | TVJ Midday News – June 13 2022

JLP Councillor Dies in Tragic Accident | Extortion in Gregory Park | TVJ Midday News - June 13 2022 1


  1. My deepest condolences goes out to Mr Francis family and friends ❤🙏😢 may his soul RIP.

  2. My deepest condolence to the entire family and tha J. L. P party who loses the one it member in such a terrible activity may God give them the strength as they mourn their loss.

  3. It is very sad the out of over 100 entries only 3 barely made the cut. No talented song writers in Jamaica? No man, something wrong. Guns, sex and drugs cannot make the cut for a festival song, come on people dig deep.

    1. They lost there artistic imaginations ..
      All they can sing about is guns and under woman..

  4. It’s seems like if miss Matty open a little patty shop these lazy bombs would come to extort her..
    The government of Jamaica allowed this to go on for too long, now it’s spread like wild fires..
    That MP is just barking and no bites..

    1. The. MP better make note of the mad man who chase the 5 thieves from robbing the bank and spare the security officer. If a mad man could do that what is stopping those in authority from doing same or better. Shame on the minister of security, commissioner leaders of government.

  5. The simplest thing is to set them up one by one and pick them off as they come for extortion money

  6. The only thing I have to say to my Jamaican people think, and don’t let no one think for you.

  7. Time for slum clearance! The community looks rather depressing. Government needs to introduce social intervention to alleviate crime

  8. Other environmental concerns are the dumping of garbage in gullies and waterways. I travel the parish of St. James on a daily and the proliferation of garbage can be seen everywhere. Even along the route to the Retirement dump is a dump site itself. Yet Mr. Gordon doing beach cleanup in recent times as though he’s doing a good job. Tek yuh rump’s from out of the office and guh look how the place dutty wid garbage and put effective solid waste management in place

  9. What a hypocrite. Look at the countless trees that are taken down to build apartments, housing complex and these trees are not replaced. The apartments government, town houses and housing trust don’t replace the trees that they remove. That needs attention and the minister of environment and agriculture should be address this massive problem.

  10. Please TELL JPS to stop cutting down the trees especially in Portmore where we are not getting much rain already and they cut down trees instead of trimming them. JPS IS ONE OF THE BIG CULPRITS TOO. WICKEDNESS.

  11. All this talk about the damages caused by cutting down trees but at the end of the day if government do there part to maintain the roads in Jamaican there will be no need to black road int he first place. FIX the road!

  12. Rest Omar. This is hard to swallow. I cannot imagine it was easy for Giovanni to report it either… The Taylor Hall community is processing.

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