JLP Leads in Latest Polls | TVJ News – Sept 22 2021

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  1. Any acceptable new government must be comprised of a new party which will reflect the will and wishes of those who have historically been marginalized and the remaining stake holders, Only such changes will signal a new dawn in Jamaica

  2. The people have lost confidence in parties and politicians. If the overwhelming majority [74%] of the country is not behind the government in these perilous times, their pain must be beyond words. Maybe it is time for everyone to take off their political hats and come together with a plan to heal the nation.

  3. I am 40 and UIC will get my vote bcz this man stand up for us smh not like the other leaders who sellout the people.

  4. UIC will soon surpass that level. Just give JCF some more time and they will lock up enough of them to elevate their popularity.

  5. How about this station showing some empathy for the poor at this time, by covering their current living conditions, investigating their sources of income, income levels if any and ask them if they are eating three proper meals for the day. This would a much more relevant and useful, than poll levels of JLP and PNP.

  6. Tradition is no reason to vote for a particular party. You should vote for the party who’s policies move Jamaica forward and help the people.

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