JLP Member Questions AIM of Recent Protests #TVJNews

JLP Member Questions AIM of Recent Protests #TVJNews 1


  1. Does this make any sense 🙆‍♂️.
    Its seem like a toddler a run the country
    What is wrong with all u leaders

  2. Unuh nuh bother come with excuses like the people Dem concerns don’t matter cause that’s how it sounds. Growing up I experienced alot of demonstrations even worst than what happened lastweek so go sit down. Every time election time come around unuh bring up years other people inna power. You have the baton now so deal with it. How you manage fi a spend money do other inadequate things other than fi fix road?

  3. This is ridiculous.
    Shall the country go to the opposition & not the elected government?
    I’m so disappointed, a baby a run di country?
    Dem sound dunce

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