JLP MP Painting Sections of Sidewalk in Central Kingston Green | TVJ News - Dec 16 2021 1

JLP MP Painting Sections of Sidewalk in Central Kingston Green | TVJ News – Dec 16 2021


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  1. Look how depraved and neglected that place is. I would be ashamed to signal what my political party results reflect by putting party colour there.

  2. Mr Chang you need to wake up. How long you in Politic Sir.
    To draw contrast with a foreign country is laughable. In Jamaica, color do matters.
    I came down on holiday once and put on a red T-shirt, only to be cautioned/told by my nephew best not to wear it if possible; pointing out the possibilities of being miscalculated as a member of a particular party and should I travel into certain areas, it could serious.
    Mr Chang, I was highly involved in the political arena back in the late sixties Eddie and Michael days before exiting due to attempt on my life.
    Living in Canada🇨🇦 now, I dont even know which party any of my neighbors belong to and visa-versa base upon color grading; Jamaica Land we love caliing Yard, its a different ball game my brother.
    Neutrality is what Jamaica want right now not visible segration by means of coloration. Selah.

    Enuff said. Jah Blessing🙏

  3. I wonder what the body count will look like after elections. Let’s continue to put the blame of increased violence on Dancehall music.

  4. Yes painting party colors in any neighborhood is Voter coercion and suppression of free will you should be able to vote for whoever you want one you live on the island

  5. Dr. Chang’s utterance, knowing how politically charged Central Kingston is, should not be acting and saying the things he said in this video. This is why Jamaica is heading south. This political dinosaur is a disgrace. And to think, he is suppose to be the Minister of National Security. What irony.

  6. Both political parties should only paint the potholes in the road that they’ve filled. There!! Problem solved…

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