JLP's Handling of Crime in Jamaica | Crime Portfolio | TVJ News - Sept 7 2021 1

JLP’s Handling of Crime in Jamaica | Crime Portfolio | TVJ News – Sept 7 2021

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  1. It has not been handling properly,it’s worse than ever,and most of these killing is daylight and Infront of people.

  2. I give this government a failing grade meaning a great big 0! How can we have a Minister of National Security who is under surveillance by the USA for drug runnings and criminality. What are you saying PM? Because you and others are guilty too!

  3. It’s a break down of society over the decades that contribute to what we see taking place now. Everybody wants to point fingers at each other when they are part of the problem.

    1. I totally agree.. And it goes back to my point earlier, why do people have to do the wrong and then why others expect governments to stop people from doing wrong? If I do wrong I should be accountable and not the government. Why can’t individuals just do the right???

    2. @Nads FranksV becuz the government keep endorsing dancehall artists and won’t stop letting in the guns. The government started rhid to get money now ppl start killing off each other.

  4. The prime Minister say he has a long-term solution. Thats it , What a joke. Meanwhile people a drop like fly here there and everywhere

  5. I can bring up a voice note when andrew say when pnp inna power crime go up, but when them in it go down. TVJ should play that recording. You can even watch it on facebook or twitter, so the fools vote fi what you get. For a woman compared to a man, portia did a better job. Just the truth.

    1. @Marv antony if she didn’t leave politics alone an feeling bad fi knw seh it’s her own around her did wat happen to her in her lost election smh.. maybe den u woulda have a point!…but don’t think she’s not watching an seeing wats going on! Jus a matter of time before she brake her silent as well!

    2. Lala Don Oh, OK. Suh wi a fi wait til wi hear from her? OK, sure, let’s wait pon mama p. Suh wi fi wait til things get worse like it already is, OK.

    3. ג’נארי רואו But did she give opportunities to the very same poor people she loves so much?? Remember she was PM twice.

    4. @Marv antony maybe she sit back an a seh (fuka unu a unu help cell mi out) smh who knows!… can’t really blame her either

    5. @Marv antony yes, why you so fixed on JLP so. What? You so blind that you can’t see. How about you stop asking questions and do your home work. All we said we want was someone who knew how to keep the country better and help out poor people more. From andrew holness touch parliament house in 2016, i don’t see him do ntg for poor people or homeless. The only thing him do, is when its close to voting/election time, him left out of his drug built mansion and try fi touch toes wid poor ppl or give them money. You no see say the only place him lov work pqn is either kingston or mo bay, the cities. What happened to the poor parishes even tho evrywhere you have poor. But i’m sure he could have done better but no, he rather rob up the money weh obama give him for the youths or him too busy becuz japan prime minister gave him 200 million yuan/220 million JMD and full his pocket wid it, or maybe he is too busy with the money he rob from world bank which was billions. But no, you fools trying to defend a party only becuz he either support the dancehall artist you listen to, or him give you bun and cheese and some money on elect day fi yuh vote fi him or you hate when a woman runs a country or you die hearted Jamaica Liad Party. Ntg else.

  6. Andrew clearly don’t know what he’s doing it’s better for him to goes back to being the education Minister Andrew I’m begging you just please leave the job

  7. Contents of this sort is good for you to carry. Jamaica needs to know their past. Many Jamaicans have no idea who people like Albert Robinson is, and his corrupt aquaintances. My encouragement to you is to keep putting out informative stuff of this nature.

  8. The crimes in Jamaica is casting by some families there son and grandson having guns and afraid of them to tell me police. So let’s work together by tell the police or some one you trust and get the guns off the streets.

  9. Finally, the media is following up on promises made by politicians. We need better accountability from those charlatans, whatever party they represent.

  10. when you appointed a doctor in the ministry of security what you expected to happen what qualifications does he have as security minister .

    1. Everything him do back ward . He should be the Ministry of Health them, nah think lack of knowledge got no common sense

  11. JLP or PNP can’t help the crime situation, men have to change from their wicked and evil ways, it’s the heart of men that are wicked, love is what we need

  12. At the root of all this is a busted
    Economy where the government
    Cannot keep up with peoples
    BASIC needs.its pushed close
    To ttl anarchy.
    God bless the ppl of such
    A beautiful island

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