Jody Wilson-Raybould won't seek re-election, says Parliament has become more 'toxic and ineffective' 1

Jody Wilson-Raybould won’t seek re-election, says Parliament has become more ‘toxic and ineffective’


'I have noticed a change in Parliament, a regression.' The Independent MP for Vancouver-Granville says she will not run in the next federal election.

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  1. Leaving will not help the situation.
    Staying and fighting for change would actually help.

    1. I support her choice, cant fix anything in such a corrupted government with Trudeau in charge. If any liberals stand up for her, they can kiss their careers goodbye.

  2. Maybe it’s time to dismantle our political system all disband parties. Everyone runs as an independent.

    1. Maybe its time to dismantle the rotten Liberal Party . We would have already, if that NDP clown from Brampton hadnt of interfered with his ” Coalition ” government .

  3. The grand plot is simple:
    -keep Tories unpopular
    -reduce room for NDP
    -let the Greens fall apart
    -maintain an alliance with the weaker NDP and BQ
    and with this current system, the likes of Trudeau’s faction among the Libs can rule indefinitely.

    1. Those parties are all sabotaging themselves through incompetence by electing terrible leaders.

    2. In your infinite wisdom, are the Tories trying to keep the liberals popular or unpopular? Are they trying to reduce the room for the NDP or increase it? Are they trying to save the Greens or let them fall apart?

      You sound like a stupid kid who just learnt how to drink beer!!

  4. The time has come to start collecting the politician’s “pension”. I thought that she is eligible to collect it.

    1. 6 continuous years is required to be eligible for parliamentarians pension so she’d need to stay in parliament until Oct 19, 2021

    2. @ieetemos4breakfast
      So sneaky chickencoward Ms Jody is still on the payroll until the next election.

  5. I am so tired of politicians who run for office do the minimum 2 terms to get on a government pension and then all of a sudden they want to spend “ more time with their family”. Most jobs in Canada do not give you full pension at 8 years, you get cashed out.
    In my work your years of service and age had to add up to 80. Why don’t government jobs elected or not have similar rules.
    So tired of gold skimmers ripping off the government coffers.

    1. She was not one of these politicians… she stood up to the Justin Trudeau and the liberals for breaking the law. They kicked her out of the party and threatened her.

  6. It’s because she told Trudeau’s father at age 13 that she wanted to be PM

    She’s part of the “golden circle”

  7. *Bennett used the very thing that she accused Jody RW of- just trying to protect her job & pension… Interesting how hypocrisy & suffering from the 8th stage of genocide can blind a person to their own actions…*

  8. Let’s not discuss the poor gentleman, who remained incarcerated, while his case file languished on Jody’s desk for the better partof a year.

    1. Who cares about him tho

      Tbh he will win in court and will never have another job EXCEPT the one the government will give him to be a spokesperson for wrongful arrests

  9. Correct me if my memory deceives but , , was she not front and center openly flaunting campaign financing laws wit all the big banks in 2015 . When you choose to profit from irregularity why the surprise when they throw the liabilities under the bus .

  10. In other words she doesn’t really wanna speak out and lose her $250,000-500,000 a year once leaving

  11. In other words she doesn’t really wanna speak out and lose her $250,000-500,000 a year once leaving

  12. She knows she’d lose and furthermore she’ll never be the PM

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see some self aggrandizing book deal in her future 😒

  13. That’s truly unfortunate. But something tells me, That we have NOT heard the last of Jody Wilson Raybould.

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