Joe: A Higher Calling Guided Mitt Romney | Morning Joe | MSNBC

The Morning Joe panel discusses Sen. Mitt Romney's decision to vote to convict President Trump on one article of impeachment and how he was the only GOP senator to vote to convict Trump. Aired on 2/6/20.
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Joe: A Higher Calling Guided Mitt Romney | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. Why because he defended the democrat deep state lies? That makes him a hero in your book? He was always a NeverTrumper. Big deal.

  1. Could you imagine this acquittal happening before the 90s? Me neither.

    Americans seem to have lost their integrity.

    1. @mike swiental No phony impeachment in the 90s? There was an investigation into a real estate deal that went on for years and came up with nothing until Starr found a blue dress and a soggy cigar!

    2. @wandering spirit Half the nation earns less than $30,000 per year with prospects dwindling and the national debt is soaring.

    1. Is this the same Mitt Romney who praised, and thanked President Trump because our President supported Romney?
      Two faced lying snake.

    1. Yeah, but he defended every corrupt congress person who was going to protect Trump and their personal interests.

    2. @jchubb72 They’re corrupt. They attack people who do the right thing. The Republican party are complicit enemies of the constitution.

  2. The really sad thing is that is considered so unusual that some one would vote according to their concience.
    This SHOULD be the norm, rather than the exception.
    The truth really does matter!
    At least in a free society. If you cannot have faith in what is the truth, all is lost.

  3. Someone with a spine finally. It’s not even about partisan politics anymore, it’s about values. We live in a nation that now tells me that the sky is red when I know it is blue. American values should mean something more that securing my seat for the next term. So disappointed in our country, but want to give thanks to Mitt for standing up for the truth.

  4. Senator Romney, thank you for your courage and bravery. I don’t know what it takes to canonize a saint in the LDS church, but I think you qualify. What Trump’s unjust excoriation of Senator Romney says to me is A) the RNC/Trumpublican form of self-governance is authoritarian and a dictatorship; in that members are coerced and forced into unnatural policy positions without the hint of freedom of holding a dissenting opinion, which under natural conditions is expected with the design of our government. After all reasonable minds can disagree, right?! In theory, our House Representatives and Senators should represent their constituents from their home states and territories. Authoritarian self-governance would strip the rights away from the people and put an unnatural weight in policy choices driven the party dictator’s preference rather than public preference, which of course influences public policy, as our representatives are controlled and have no freedom of reasonable logical dissenting opinion or country opinion to the dictator’s. In short, our representatives in Congress do not represent the people but rather they represent the dictator. This has been happening in plain sight and we should be terrified. This is dangerous beyond measure. B) Schiff mentioned that republicans were threatened that ‘their heads would be mounted on a pike’ if they went against Trump during the trial. Trump’s immediate attacks on Senator Romney validates Schiff’s point. It is reasonable to conclude that both the House vote to impeach and the Senate trial verdict were driven exactly by authoritarian self-governance within the Republican Party. In short, jury tampering adding to the evidence of a fully rigged and unfair trial for the people. C) To supporters this behind the scenes authoritarian self-governance makes policy decisions appear to be a rational choice decided by a unified group when in fact it couldn’t be farther from the truth. The narrative of unity is spread through carefully crafted messaging and influences the collective ‘cognitive identity’ of supporters who think the party is fighting for their interests and other opinions are bad, evil, and should be condemned. D) taken together authoritarian self-governance within the Republican Party is driving public policy and robbing the people of rational choice decisions. Lastly, what is happening behind the scenes is the form of government that we are being transitioned into; if the party is governed by authoritarianism, then that is how they want to govern the public. Be afraid – this has happened before and history does repeat itself.

    1. Thank you mr Mitt Romney for being a sand up guy for what’s right. I am a Vietnam vet I am so proud of you and your Republican leadership and standing for the constitution. Protecting it from foreign and domestic enemies. Thank you again.

    2. @Randy Potter you’re the Moron for saying Moron to a person you don’t know personally, just like ur ignorant idol Trump. 🐽 Ewww

    3. Randy Potter – at least I know how to read. I never said he did it for religious principles. You are either a toll or a Trump supporter, or both. Look up ‘cognitive identity’ . Wake up – you are psychological state similar to the Matrix.

    1. Romney you are a honest person and you have stayed true to your self and the state of Utah we are proud of you.😄

  5. Finally an honest republican. A far better man than the criminal who lies about nearly everything . He has every reason to hold his head high!!

  6. The senator by utha used his common sense and above all the logic he will be fine with himself with his state and with the whole nation he will have more future in politics.

  7. Was heard yelling and screaming in the white house , HOW DID AN HONEST MAN GET IN HERE? WHO LET THIS MFer IN , FIRE THEM ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. the trumpuglyclan cult is the new church of scientology… it’s like Idi Amin Dada became grand wizard of scientology and they formed a political party

    2. @Ross Glasow Scientology is nothing compared to the massive influence the mormons hold over Trump, and now our government.

    3. @bertha yellowfinch mormon church (LDS) Have nothing to do with Romney.. He is just a loser doing loser things..

  8. Mitt Romney speech was inspiring, I hope history proves him right, he is the only Republican to speak out, he is a man of integrity. Mitt Romney, a conscientious honest man, living his life guided by ethics and a sense or morality. Trump should have been reprehended for his actions for personal political gain.

  9. Amazing to think that THAT was the man of the Republican party just 8 years ago. Glad to see he’s still the same person while the rest of the republicans have sold their souls.

  10. Unbelievable, a republican who puts his relationship with God ahead of his relationship with the anti-christ (The Golden Cow) Trump.

  11. Mica and Joe I am amazed that so – called “christian”leaders could join in a so called
    “prayer” breakfast with the president gloating and triumphantly waving newspaper headlines, boastfully thinking and bragging that he is acquitted from impeachment and removal from office. He is proclaiming innocence but not even Mich McConnell believes that. Yet none of those “so called christian leaders had the temerity or a crisis of conscience to school the president on Proverbs twenty -four,seventeen: Do not gloat when your enemy falls…{even it is a falsely perceived enemy}.

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