Joe Biden And Barack Obama Hit The Campaign Trail Together For The First Time | Deadline | MSNBC

Joe Biden And Barack Obama Hit The Campaign Trail Together For The First Time | Deadline | MSNBC 1


Joe Biden will be joined by his former boss to make his closing argument to voters in Michigan. Aired on 10/30/2020.
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Joe Biden And Barack Obama Hit The Campaign Trail Together For The First Time | Deadline | MSNBC

85 Comments on "Joe Biden And Barack Obama Hit The Campaign Trail Together For The First Time | Deadline | MSNBC"

  1. Nine Fools Wise | October 30, 2020 at 6:36 PM | Reply

    Avoid USPS if you haven’t voted yet. You must vote in person but please be safe (mask-up, bring food, water & books or music i.e. make it a picnic or fun if you can). Alternatively, hand deliver your ballot to a drop box or election official office as specified by your state. It is too late to trust the mail system if you want your vote counted. Keep your eyes on the prize & take nothing for granted. We can do this by helping one an other. Good luck out there everyone.

    • Keith Johnson - Shelby GT500 | October 30, 2020 at 7:01 PM | Reply

      *“Completely Unsustainable”: Obamacare Destroys Middle Class, Rising As Much as 67%. Just in 2017.*
      Oct 2016

      *Like dozens of other states across the country, its government-mandated health care exchange is facing steeply-rising premiums for individual plans at levels that are both outrageous and completely impossible for the average Middle Class family to pay or keep up with.*

      And as future rates continue to rise – and it’s going to hurt a lot of people.

      Because the system was designed to fail; or, because the government and health care lobbies have so little regard for the people that will actually have to live and die by their rules, the prices are skyrocketing by more than 50% in Minnesota – and by similarly absurd numbers in other states – and the exchange narrowly avoiding collapsing altogether in 2017.

      via the Daily Caller:

      Minnesota will let health insurers increase their rates by at least 50 percent next year to protect the state’s Obamacare health insurance individual market from “collapse,” the state announced Friday.


      The increase in premiums for next year will range between 50 percent and a staggering 67 percent. This comes on the heels of an increase of between 14 percent and 49 percent for 2016. After those increases, Rothman warns, the annual growth rate will be completely unsustainable, showing a desperate need for reform.

      Of course, this massive failure – which, like everything else in the Obama Administration, is taking the heaviest toll on the middle class – is by design. Sen. Harry Reid admitted that the plan would collapse, only to usher in a truly-socialized single payer health care system from the ashes.

      Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D., Nev.) was asked whether his goal was to move Obamacare to a single-payer system. His answer? “Yes, yes. Absolutely, yes.” (source)

      Regardless of the future of the system, it is hurting middle class Americans now, who are finding health care anything but affordable. Unlike those in the lower ranks of the working poor and the dependent, there are no government subsidies for those who work independently, and make too much for hand outs, but who are still a long way from being able to shell out for the cost of coverage.

      All that is definitely no good… the backbone of a vibrant American populace is being undermine and destroyed.

      As the Daily Caller notes:

      “Middle-class Minnesotans in particular are being crushed by the heavy burden of these costs. There is a clear and urgent need for reform to protect Minnesota consumers who purchase their own health insurance,” Rothman said at the time.

      About five percent of Minnesota residents, roughly 250,000 people, are dependent on the individual market for their health insurance. Obamacare requires all American adults who do not receive health insurance from their employer to either buy individual health insurance or pay a fine. The persistent increases in the price of individual insurance are a sign of a potential “death spiral” in the individual market, as the massive cost increases will likely encourage more people to go without insurance and pay the fine instead, thereby reducing the customer base for insurers and forcing additional rate hikes.

    • You can literally track your ballot.

    • Shaumba Nyelolo | October 30, 2020 at 8:47 PM | Reply

      @Keith Johnson – Shelby GT500 go vote for Your savior Donnie . Buckle up for the wildest ride 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪

    • Dimly Lit Zombie | October 30, 2020 at 10:22 PM | Reply

      Obama was the most criminal president in history

    • Nine Fools Wise | October 30, 2020 at 10:45 PM | Reply

      @Dimly Lit Zombie Maybe you would think that if you were only a brain eating zombie and have no ability to think critically or creatively? Psst. Worst President in history how? He forgets to turn off the lights when he leaves a room more than any other President before him? You do realize facts are helpful to back up any assertions you may try to make as well. Without verifiable facts, all you have is an opinion. I love dark chocolate (65%) but why should you care about that? Actually, isn’t it strange that you would even bother to leave such comments at all. What exactly are you trying to achieve Dimly Lit? I am encouraging people to take a specific action – vote early and avoid USPS so their vote can be counted. You? Take care out there Zombie – it can be a dog eat brain eat dog kind of world. (Nice green hair.) And be sure to wear a mask – with your nose covered – or it is useless. Cheers.

  2. Sure miss seeing Obama in office. Feels like a lifetime ago

  3. Trump’s a dead man golfing. Emotionally dead. Morally dead. Dead inside. Dead. Trump’s kept alive by sycophantic enabling undertakers.. ☹️

    • @Anthony James Well that’s absolutely false! Obama/Biden didn’t even come close to creating jobs like Trump did. Obama/Biden was 8 years of terrible job growth. Biden didn’t create any jobs except that 1 great job for his son Hunter in Burisma!

    • @Ronnie Turner Yes Trump lowered taxes for the richest 5%. He did it by just putting the money it cost into the deficit which we pay enormous interest on. It’s like a payday loan that your children and grandchildren will have to pay back…moron.

    • I think you’re thinking of morally dead inside dementia Joe. I think there was a Traitor Joe sighting this week. His handlers must be getting nervous. They’re willing to risk Traitor Joe making some more gaffs.

    • @Anthony James Wake up you’re dreaming again. Worst economy for growth ever under Obama/Biden. Too many regulations and high unemployment rates and tax rates. Trump 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    • @Anthony James If Trump wins man I ain’t joining the military not under that lunatic. If Biden’s win I will join he’s more of a man than trump will ever be. He ain’t perfect but AtLEAST he respects this country

  4. Daily Reminder: Trump said Corona Virus is a Democrat Hoax that will “MIRACULOUSLY” disappear.
    P.S. — I pay more Federal taxes than Donald Trump.

    • You mean to tell me you pay more than $750 in taxes a year 🙄

    • vocalcoachgina | October 30, 2020 at 7:24 PM | Reply

      @Salam M The reason you keep repeating this LIE, is most likely because you either live in an Arab country or came from one. And anyone with a brain knows why y I u all love tRump. Because he’s destroying America FOR all of you and you all now don’t have to do anything to destroy the USA. You can all just sit back and enjoy the show.

    • Daily reminder you cant say you stand for civil rights or equality and support biden

      Joe Biden once called state-mandated school integration “the most racist concept you can come up with,” and Barack Obama “the first sort of mainstream African American who is articulate and bright and clean.” He was a staunch opponent of “forced busing” in the 1970s, and leading crusader for mass incarceration throughout the ‘80s and ‘90s. Uncle Joe has described African-American felons as “predators” too sociopathic to rehabilitate — and white supremacist senators as his friends.

      Biden raised awareness of the (mythical) threat posed by super-predators — a rising generation of inner city children so comprehensively failed by their parents and society, they had developed into incurable sociopaths whom the state could quarantine but never rehabilitate.

      Joe Biden’s son Hunter was arrested on Jersey Shore drug charges in 1988 and had his record expunged at a time when his father was pushing for the incarceration of drug offenders drawn disproportionately from minority groups.

      year after the arrest, Joe Biden gave a speech in which he said the federal government needed to “hold every drug user accountable” because, “If there were no drug users, there would be no appetite for drugs, there would be no market for them.” He neglected to mention the drug use in his own family.

      Five months after his son escaped a sentence and had his possession charge kept secret, Biden voted for the Anti-Drug Abuse Act of 1988, which made crack cocaine, often used by poor, black offenders, the only drug with a mandatory minimum penalty for a first offense of simple possession.
      But while many minorities were imprisoned for minor drug offenses, the wealthy, white Hunter Biden was allowed to participate in a state diversionary program called pretrial intervention. The program allowed first offenders to “avoid a trial and having the stigma accompanying a guilty verdict,” according to the Rubinstein Law Firm in New Jersey.

      The Stone Harbor Police Department told the Washington Examiner that it was unable to locate the arrest report, though the department has maintained records from that time.

      So if joe believed in law and order why was hunter let off. Why didn’t he face the same sentence a minority would?

    • vocalcoachgina | October 30, 2020 at 7:38 PM | Reply

      @Salam M why do you keep repeating yourself.. troll.

    • @Auntie Pha no its the china flue. What would the savior obama do other than give some nice speech to make the sensitive feel better?

  5. Nicole Wallace is absolutely my kind of American patriot.

  6. Margaret Oyston | October 30, 2020 at 6:40 PM | Reply

    Please vote. Now it has to be in person. Wear a mask, socially distance, take a chair, snacks, water and an umbrella if it’s hot where you are. Please wait for Democracy. Please wait to make your voice heard and to take advantage of your rights. But also be prepared to support your fellow voters, when it becomes obvious Trump will steal their mail in ballots. Be prepared to march – en masse. To literally SHOW the will of the people. Stay strong, don’t be scared. Fight for your freedoms.

    • Margaret Oyston | October 30, 2020 at 7:15 PM | Reply

      @Aikky Tan I agree hun. But also, it’s a time to be brave. Have 911 up on your phone if you see the ‘domestic terrorists’ turn up. Use your rights….. use your voice. Unfortunately this is a first in so many US citizens lives. YOU HAVE TO BE BRAVE, YOU HAVE TO STAND UP. Otherwise the bullies, bigots, misogynists, xenophobes and preference for violence, wins.

    • Margaret Oyston | October 30, 2020 at 7:16 PM | Reply

      @Aikky Tan and ALWAYS, have a camera rolling……. that makes all the difference…

    • @Margaret Oyston are you guys talking about the people who set the cities on fire and looted businesses? They are very concerning qnd definitely terrorists, i agree

    • @Margaret Oyston

      Joe Biden once called state-mandated school integration “the most racist concept you can come up with,” and Barack Obama “the first sort of mainstream African American who is articulate and bright and clean.” He was a staunch opponent of “forced busing” in the 1970s, and leading crusader for mass incarceration throughout the ‘80s and ‘90s. Uncle Joe has described African-American felons as “predators” too sociopathic to rehabilitate — and white supremacist senators as his friends.
      Joe Biden’s son Hunter was arrested on Jersey Shore drug charges in 1988 and had his record expunged at a time when his father was pushing for the incarceration of drug offenders drawn disproportionately from minority groups.
      Biden raised awareness of the (mythical) threat posed by super-predators — a rising generation of inner city children so comprehensively failed by their parents and society, they had developed into incurable sociopaths whom the state could quarantine but never rehabilitate.

      1993, Mr. Biden described “predators” unworthy of forgiveness who must be locked away from society: “[U]nless we do something about that cadre of young people — tens of thousands of them, born out of wedlock, without parents, without supervision, without any structure, without any conscience developing … because they literally have not been socialized … [A] portion of them will become the predators 15 years from now, and … we have predators on our streets that society has in fact, in part because of its neglect, created … [W]e don’t very well know how to rehabilitate them at that point. That’s the sad truth. You’re looking at the fella who is one of the primary architects of the sentencing commission.”

      Mr. Biden’s “record” of putting down minorities is also part of his pattern. In 2007, speaking of Barack Obama, Mr. Biden told Jason Horowitz of The New York Observer: “I mean, you got the first mainstream African American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy,” he said. “I mean, that’s a storybook, man.”

      I agree watch out for racist bigots like above be safe and vote Red.

    • Margaret Oyston | October 30, 2020 at 8:06 PM | Reply

      and send me links of what Trump has done for the majority of US citizens in the last 4 years, that has improved their jobs, finances, lives, etc. etc.

  7. THIS is GOOD 🙂

  8. The campaign trail hits back! again and again! Oh the humanity.

    • these guys, Obama and Biden, are the biggest fools in American history…what a farce…

    • DANJONESGEROUS | October 30, 2020 at 7:43 PM | Reply

      @Dan Krohn Says the biggest fool in history and by the way u are a farce

    • @Dan Krohn hey nincompoop snow flake, you’ll never be 1/50 th of them. You’re a no body and will never be anybody remember what your dad told you. The highest place your will ever go is up an apple 🌳

  9. Oh God I miss the old days 😔

  10. Lynda Liephatdt | October 30, 2020 at 6:58 PM | Reply

    Everyone should track their ballots. If you mailed it or dropped it off, go online and make sure it’s been accepted and counted. You can also call the supervisor of elections office.

    • Yup.. make sure you track your vote! In most states you can track your vote even if you mailed in your ballot, or dropped off your ballot in your town’s most secured drop box.
      This thing needs to be retweeted to the moon and back. 500,000 Minnesota votes could be disenfranchised if we don’t make sure they know that the court JUST CHANGED THE DEADLINE. The court ruled on Thursday (10/29) that Minnesota election officials must set aside any ballots that arrive after 8 p.m. on election night, throwing into uncertainty the seven-day grace period that had been in place for ballots postmarked by Election Day. Because of this ruling, 500,000 Minnesotans could be disenfranchised. Hillary Clinton won our state by just 45,000 votes. DO NOT put your ballots in the mail. Either vote in-person (get there early) OR drop off your mail-in ballot at the nearest most secured drop-off location here:

    • 🤣🤣🤣🤣 the election sup and I are on first name basis 🤣 bug them lots

    • Mine has been received but not counted yet

    • William Appleby | October 30, 2020 at 10:55 PM | Reply

      I put my ballot in a ballot box near the voting place. I also signed up online for tracking service. Hope it work🇺🇸🌊✌️

  11. Propaganda Antidote | October 30, 2020 at 7:11 PM | Reply

    Imagine being so overtly narcissistic that you’re jealous of a pandemic.

    • Can you imagine.

    • Anything that takes away from the attention they believe should be showered upon them in the form of praise is a threat. The more narcissistic supply they can collect, the better they feel about themselves.

    • For these last few days, all of the major news networks should publicly agree to not even mention Trump’s name. That would drive him completely over the edge.

    • Matthew Johnson | October 30, 2020 at 8:05 PM | Reply

      Imagine using that same pandemic to gain votes, and then turn around to manipulate my people into turning on me when I don’t take part in the hive mind.

    • Imagen if you had a brain.

  12. @ Trumps “pathological” Covid envy: it’s only logical, that a citizen of the gutter is envious of a bug…

  13. Go and vote in person not by mail .. BLUE WAVE

  14. I wish we could just have obama again.

  15. If it’s not about him poor baby! I would love to see him behind closed doors. Bet he has a cry baby tantrum.

  16. VOTE BLUE EVERYONE. I’m so over this reality show host in the whitehouse treating America like his failed businesses

  17. MinusUltra OneForNobody | October 30, 2020 at 7:47 PM | Reply

    Everyone vote as if trump was winning.
    Here’s some motivation: He might.

  18. Hey Sam Graham Cartoons | October 30, 2020 at 7:49 PM | Reply

    Swing states within the margin of error, this could go either way! Make sure to VOTE!

  19. this is scary to have someone like this leading our country. I am praying for him. Look it up yourself.
    #1 In the 70’s He discriminated against black tenants
    #2 In the 80’s He called for death penalty for Central Park 5
    #3 in the 90’s He was fined for discriminating against black employees
    #4 2005 He pitched version of “Apprentice” blacks vs. whites
    #5 In 2011 He pushed Obama birther conspiracy
    #6 In 2015 He called for Muslum ban

    #7 In 2016 He claimed hispanic judges couldn’t be impartial

    and re: border wall – he called mexican people as drug dealers, criminals, rapists. Unlike any other administration, he put in place a widespread and systematic ‘zero tolerance’ policy to prosecute and criminally charge everyone who crosses the border without inspection which was meant to deter migrants from seeking refuge in the U.S – caging children and separating them from their parents.

    #8 In 2016 He refused to condemn former KKK Leader Duke

    #9 In 2017 He said ‘fine people’ on both sides in Charlottesville – white supremacist

    #10 In 2017 Puerto Rico Hurricane Maria – 13 days after he then visited. Mayor says he was “insulting” to the island’s hurricane-hit people. He tossed rolls of paper towels into the crowds. Words stated were ‘poor and dirty’

    #11 in 2018 He called NFL players protesting police brutality ‘sons of b’s’
    #12 in In 2018 He referred to Haiti and African nations as ‘s-hole’ countries

    #13 This year he calls Covid-19 the ‘ChinaVirus” and “KungFlu’ (even though we all know who’s name should be associated with Covid as now within the US alone 9,034,957 cases / 229,585 deaths where he stated on woodward tapes way early this year, it was more dangerous than the flu, but lied to our faces and downplaying it)

    # 14 Although his mother is from Scotland, this year he suggested Sen. Kamala Harris is not a US Citizen – did the same with Obama.

    #15 This year he is working to stop diversity training at federal agencies
    #16 This year he is working to roll back fair housing rule to ‘save suburbs”
    #17 He defends Confederate flag despite Pentagon ban.

    #18 He threaten to pull funding from schools over how they teach black history slavery which is part of a long history of politicizing american history class.

    #19 He says he does not know who the ‘proud boys’ are. He pardoned Roger Stone who worked with him, who has also been photographed with proud boys.

    #20 His own father was arrested at a K K K rally and got off from charges with his money.

    #21 His own sister and niece said so, along with a growing list of dems and reps government officials, civil rights icons, as well as respected news journalists – stating racist, bully, cheater, liar, culture war stoker, divider, etc….

    # 22 He did not put immediate laws in place to uproot racist corrupt officers (who he says there are only a few bad apples), as they don’t deserve to work alongside our wonderful police officers who took their vows seriously to serve and protect EVERYONE no matter their race and background)

    # 23 He publicly and consistently supports confederate symbolism, however he dismisses the fact that there is still ‘white privilege as he is the perfect example exhibit A. Nor will he publicly acknowledge that systematic racism still exists (even though he did so on tape /, and he certainly has not publicly acknowledged that the underbelly and foundational growth of America, and it’s economy, was built on the backs of african americans for free, and with no education, no wealth, no statutes.

    # 24 He does not seem to separate good from bad. There are millions of peaceful protesters merging every race and backgrounds imaginable madeup of Americans who have been largely unaware of black history, now joined with those Americans who have known the history all along, or just lives it – ALL standing up for justice and equality for all (including black lives). And of course you will have those opposite opposing sides all with the intent to cause confusion and encourage violence as they exploit, capitalize and undermine legitimate peaceful protests. Either they 1) believe EVERYONE should NOT be treated equal, or 2) they have their OWN groups’ agenda. That would include white supremacy, looters, drug cartels, arsonist, foreign actors or anarchists. Although police forces, national guards and FBI continue to investigate these groups, that’s not forget how trump calls some ‘fine people.’

    #25 He attempted to stoke fear and racial divisions, even in his housing and suburban messages, where now he pleads with suburban white voters, including moms, to vote for them – who are now leaning towards Biden / /

    #26 It seems as though he is trying to undo everything that civil rights icons have accomplished – trying to turn the clock back 125 years.

    Every one knows that there were those within the White House that refused to compromise with any of the Obama administration’s priorities in his first two years (Here is just one example – look at reps reaction when he fights for us back in 2013) .

    However despite that, he has many accomplishments while in office – look them up. Instead of trump turning the clocks back of what has been accomplished, the Obama era will continue with the Biden/Harris agenda for all cultures and backgrounds towards building back better. They are for red and blue states, for everyone’s well-being who should have great health, happiness, and prosperity no matter the zip code. All should have a right to wealth and success, not just certain areas or certain people within this country.

    Biden/Harris 2020 calls for SAFETY in all neighborhoods:

    * Great policemen who are well trained and loves all people, and adding more professionals to their staff so they can be even greater at their jobs to serve and protect. And immediately uproot and remove corrupt cops lurking about with their own hidden agendas.

    * Top quality and guaranteed affordable healthcare, doctors, treatments, including mental health.

    * Top education STARTING in Nursery schools and PRE K all the way up through COLLEGE GRADUATION – Schools housed with well trained teachers and staff who receive the kind of pay they deserve, teaching wide-ranging curriculum and expanding clubs.

    * Low cost or free college and university of choice (as other countries are doing).

    * Top quality housing and neighborhood maintenance

    * Roadmap aims to create a new, federally-backed credit bureau to close the racial wealth gap

    * Better qualifying home ownership programs with freedom of choice communities.

    * Community town hall services, activities and parks

    * More jobs (not low minimum wage either) with competitive salaries and guaranteed growth potential

    * On-the-job training with pay.

    * Affordable and universal preschool, child care and elder care.

    * Entrepreneurship programs with mentorship tools, startup capital for new business, guides for business leadership programs who can turn an idea into entrepreneurial success.

    * The leadership and resources to do the things that other countries have done to end this pandemic. Now in US alone 9,034,957 cases / 229,585 deaths – which are effecting people of color more.

    And there is much more with Biden/Harris 2020 and their tight agenda.

  20. Obama has held himself in check for the last four years while trump’s continuous attacks and blame-game tactics against him have been relentless. So now the time is right and Obama is doing a fantastic job ripping into the worthless man that trump is. EXTREMELY ENJOYABLE!!!!!

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