Joe Biden and Jill Biden visit Kenosha | USA TODAY 1

Joe Biden and Jill Biden visit Kenosha | USA TODAY


Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden will travel Thursday to Kenosha, Wisconsin, a city thrust into the national spotlight after a police shooting of a Black man triggered a wave of violent unrest that has become the latest flashpoint on racial injustice and public safety ahead of the 2020 election.

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Biden's visit to the key battleground state comes two days after President Donald Trump traveled to Kenosha to tour burned-out buildings damaged in protests that turned into deadly clashes over the Aug. 23 shooting of Jacob Blake, a Black man who was shot seven times in back by police and remains hospitalized. As violence erupted, two protesters were killed and police have charged Kyle Rittenhouse, 17, in their shooting deaths.

The dueling trips by Biden and Trump frame a debate about racial injustice and law and order in the final stretch of a tightening race ahead of the Nov. 3 election. The president has sought to use Kenosha and other demonstrations that gripped the country since the May 25 police shooting of George Floyd to promote his "law-and-order" campaign message, while Biden has accused Trump of using the unrest to stoke division and stymie racial progress.

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    1. His supporters were BLM protesting and saying they support Biden. About 50 were waiting for him outside the church when he got there. I wonder why he did not speak to his supporters as Trump does…..hmmmm

    1. @Crazy Catlady Repeat after Joe. The riots murders and looting are peaceful, The riots and looting are peaceful, The riots are peaceful, The riots are peaceful, The protest riots are peaceful, The protest riots are peaceful, The protest riots are peaceful, The protests are peaceful, The protests are peaceful, THERE YOU GO!!! You are now a good DummycRAT, please leave whatever brains you have at the door.

    2. @nicky Fogg you are ridiculous. no one ever said the riots were peaceful! But there were more peaceful protests than violent ones. Peaceful doesn’t make the news. Quit staring your stupid avatar and snap out of it!

  1. I didn’t know he could move that fast but I guess he’s gotten a work out from all that running from the media questions!!! Lol

    1. Trump didn’t have crowns either the community didn’t want him there. And trump didn’t talk to the family of Jacob BIDEN n his wife did. Thats a different

    1. i’m not even watching this video at all … the HYPOCRISY wil make me SICK … BIDEN doesn’t care about BLACK PEOPLE just came here to read the comments .

      i still can’t believe how many who plan to vote for him do not know that his RUNNING MATE is an evil monster who has VICTIMIZED MANY PEOPLE ,especially POOR BLACK FOLK .

      Worse yet when i’ve tried to tell some of them about this and even where to see the interviews with HER VICTIMS ,who again happened to be POOR BLACK PEOPLE , they’re not interested at all … and these happen to be Black Folk that I’m trying to get to open their eyes about Kamala Harris .

      Shocking … a friend of mine who is black also said that his family cannot understand why so many people are going to vote knowing that they will be installing an EVIL TYRANT , KAMALA HARRIS .

    2. I have been going all over the internet and elsewhere saying Kamala Harris needs to be PROSECUTED and IMPRISONED … something is very wrong in this country i’ve never seen things this bad with such corruption … it’s right in our faces nowadays and it seems as if no one cares

  2. this is a hoax!!! scripted community meeting with sleepy joe!!!! one black woman stand up for the truth- the courage to speak the truth!!!! what kind a pastor who will let a scripted community meeting go on????? we have another pelosi here, another setup!!!!

  3. Wow He probably would’ve never visited if the polls shifted in his favor Lol Wonder why he’s here tho since he thought nothing was the problem for like 6 months

    1. He doesn’t doesn’t care at all for black people he’s sickening with his hypocrisy and choosing for his running mate Kamala Harris who has victimized many many POOR BLACK PEOPLE .

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