Joe Biden and Kamala Harris sworn into office 1

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris sworn into office


Watch as Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are sworn in as the new U.S. President and Vice President.

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    1. @Mpreivel He is an absolute embarrassment to Canada, and the worst leader it has had since his father was in power. There is maybe worse leaders but I was just going by the OP example and no country would even wish it on their worst enemy to be stuck with an awful leader such as Trudeau.

    2. Tactix88 I wish, my country of origin, Colombia had a president like Trudeau. He takes so much more care of the population than the current one we have.

  1. What a beautiful funeral ceremony for America. Just wait for the “cleansing” that’s coming. My sympathies from Canada.

  2. I imagine that we’ll turn on them and d i e by the thousands liberating ourselves in the process. Maybe after that, we’ll never forget.

  3. The wonderful thing is that crazies can rant and rave all they want on the internet, but Biden will still be President.

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