1. My favorite part was where he said “we must restrict access to firearms from criminals and drug addicts, like my son”, then went on to talk about how Hunter lied on an application to purchase a gun and then it ended up in the dumpster.

  2. I know what it’s like to see a relative murdered, and if I didnt have a gun I’d be dead also.

    1. @S C yes because BaNninG GunS wiLL maKe All GunS DisAppEAr you’re a moron if a criminal wanted to shoot up a place they can get a gun illegally all that would do is take guns from people who use them for self defense

    2. No it’s stocks that convert it to a rifle,,, The government has already established that and now you want to change it,,,

    1. @DranZuthahor Gaming Doesn’t help when people are already trying to defund the very people who are sworn to protect and serve and now try to take our guns away this is turning into a very communist country…

    2. @DranZuthahor Gaming … Hah! The tyrannies of civil asset forfeiture, torture, imprisonment without trial and warrantless searches have resulted in only quiet, submissive compliance in gun people. These same phonies walk around declaring their AR15 ownership as a ”check against tyrannical government”. Nothing has ever been heard from these gun phonies. They, and their NRA have all been quiet church mice. Right, no letters or phone calls to Congress, and no NRA lobbyist saying squat about these tyrannies.

      It ain’t the cops who would chicken out. It’s all the gun people who would go lock themselves into mommy’s basement.

    3. @Frank Hoffman How is biden going to take our guns if they’re upstairs? There’s not even a gun registry in several states.

    1. @Zachary C you are absolutely correct, I’ve never set up an X-Y axis on an end mill or set up a lathe. I know nothing about speeds and feeds, and proper machining techniques. I’m just some idiot on the interwebs.

    2. @Mauser 85 clearly you are. From your first comment you referred to a DRO as a cnc readout. You also don’t set up an “x-y”’axis on a end mill lol. End mills are the cutting tool, a milling machine is the actual machine.

    3. @Mauser 85 if you’re a machinist and spent 20 hours setting up a simple adaptive pocket part and 2 drilling ops you should get a refund on your education.

    4. @Slick Mike you are absolutely dead wrong about AR 80% LOWERS. they are 80% complete. You still have to mill out tung trigger pocket, safety selector hole and trigger pins. I’ve done many of them myself, using a 5D lower jig. You can do it in 30 minutes, it won’t be pretty, but it can be done. It usually takes me almost an hour, because I like it neat and clean looking. But please, stop spreading bullshit. You obviously do not know what you’re talking about, so sit back and learn, and keep your mouth shut. Cause you’re giving wrong info.

    1. @Robert Frost bee dragon doesn’t know this. It didn’t happen on real housewives of california so they have no clue about history.

    2. stephanie gutierrez So true and they think only the elites who can afford 24/7 armed security have the right to defend themselves, the peasants can call 911.

    3. @Sure_You_Betcha there is strict gun control in japan, and has been for a long while now. you have to take training, a psychological exam yearly (be told you are mentally stable enough to have and use a gun), and THEN you get your license. You still can’t own auto/semi-automatic anything there. do you know how much gun violence there is in Japan? Barely any.

    4. mushrump Just 4 nations, Brazil, Mexico, Honduras, and Venezuela, all with very strict gun control account for 25% of all homicides on Earth. They have much more in common with the USA than does the island nation of Japan, including a history of slavery, European conquest of the indigenous population, easy travel between borders, a multiethnic population, etc. etc.

    5. @mushrump theyve also had weapons regulated heavily since the 1000s… And nothing you said negates my statements literally none.

    1. They actually mean the deals made in the parking lot but they are too dumb to actually make that connection.

    2. Yes…. licensed dealers are required and that’s why you have to fill out that application….. not a lie….’it just wasn’t clarified properly…..

    3. I have bought several guns without background checks from private citizens in Ohio and thats the way I like it.

    4. @Matthew Wade and thats the way it should be… 2 consenting adults should be allowed to trade legal objects.

  3. I heard a rumor that all the Chicago criminals and gangsters are SO mad at Biden for passing these actions! Now they just don’t know what they are gonna do for their next Drive By! Even Corn Pop, “the Bad Dude”, is upset with Crazy Joe!

    1. @NEW YORK CITY THE BIG APPLE I believe Trigger Happy was being sarcastic. The gangsters and criminals aren’t mad. They are relieved. They will still be able to get guns the way they always have…off the street. The law abiding citizens just wont be able to get them to protect themselves.

    2. They are angry regardless. They move to other cities and join their police forces and sell drugs at the same time.

    1. @Mike Hutchison huh? Nah he’s just tipped the redicules scale so we can’t help but point it out.

    1. You are so right ✅ He never will. The solution is to increase law enforcement. Increase gun training for law abiding citizens, and encourage people to carry to protect themselves from criminals.

  4. Of course he believes that ordering a gun online doesnt require a background check. Even though you cant have it shipped to your door and have to get a background check when you pick it up

    1. So in your example, the person did order the gun without a background check, and later had one to pick it up. So even in that example it was ordered without a background check correct?

    2. @Ender Panda Yes. When you order a firearm online, it must be shipped to a federally licensed dealer. When you go there to pick it up, you have to fill out the 4473 and have a background check like you normally would if you bought the gun at the store without ordering it.

    3. @Ender Panda it doesn’t matter if it is ordered and shipped to a licensed dealer or if the dealer has it in their inventory already, a background check is done before the sale is completed. If he wants background checks done prior to ordering online, all it’s doing is moving the check to that point instead of during pickup.

    4. @Ender Panda yes you can order a gun without a background check to your ffl. Then the ffl does the background check in order for you to physically have it.

    5. @stephanie gutierrez no they are trying to say that when a firearm is ordered online, there is no background check.. period.. and to anyone who doesn’t know better believes them. If someone orders a firearm online and goes and fails the background check, they don’t get their money back and the feds are alerted.. so, the big fuss over this is the false information that politicians are spewing, kind of like the gun show loopholes that politicians spew, which are also non existent

  5. What really scares me about all of this are the red flag laws. Are there any big groups who make sure our right to due process is upheld?

  6. “Free speech is the right to shout ‘theater’ in a crowded fire.” famous quote by Abbie Hoffman

  7. Politicians: “Guns are bad, and you guys shouldn’t be allowed to own guns.”

    Average Joe: “Don’t you have security that has an arsenal of these weapons?”

    Politicians: “They’re trained professionals and have experience in stressful situations to act properly.”

    Combat Infantry Veteran: “Ok, so that means I can own these weapons?”

    Politicians: “You’re a domestic terrorist!!”


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