1. If Russia bought some Abrams from the Taliban It be funny using their own tank against the ukraine using the same tank lol

  2. I would like to see them delivered and confirmation of received
    Anyone can say I’m sending this and that just numbers in the air

    1. Russia asked for it. Let’s call it. The entire world has declared war on Russia. That’s what all the sanctions, weaponry, etc. has all been about. Ukraine is stuck in the middle. But the world is backing them.

    2. @Yosetime when you say “the world”, you’re speaking about European governments and those under the 5 eyes umbrella. Western hegemony is over. No one respects the west. No one trusts the west.

  3. Get ready for some real hectic times to come! You thought the lockdowns where bad 😂😂😂 get ready! This is what Russia was waiting for😂 now its on

  4. Wait so we can afford this but have reach debt limits and looking at having possible cuts in social security and Medicare etc

    1. We’ve spent trillions of dollars on military defense, mostly geared towards defeating the Soviet Union/Russia. So for a couple hundred billion dollars we can cripple Russia’s military without risking a single American’s life. That’s the military deal of the millenia.

  5. LOL, took them almost a year to finally say that helping Ukraine defend itself against Russia is a world wide committment. ’bout time, doncha think?

  6. A fool sent on a Fool’s errand. A more out-of-touch representative of malpractice if ever there was one.

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