Joe Biden calls woman a ‘lying dog-faced pony soldier’ at event

Joe Biden calls woman a 'lying dog-faced pony soldier' at event 1


U.S. presidential hopeful Joe Biden raised eyebrows after he called a voter a 'lying dog-faced pony soldier' at an event in New Hampshire.

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27 Comments on "Joe Biden calls woman a ‘lying dog-faced pony soldier’ at event"

  1. Def the cringiest candidate this year

  2. Sleepy creepy is NOT fit for POTUS.

  3. corn pop.

  4. Look, Dog Face.  Go vote for someone else!

  5. Creepy old Biden, insults win elections, he wont though.

  6. If you want to be a comedian you need to know how to tell a joke… timing, “Set-up and Delivery” are key… I don’t think when a student asks a serious question and gets a stupid answer in return, any attempt at levity is lost… beside that, biden’s stumbling and bumbling when he speaks is a window to his advancing dementia .

  7. Well… he didn’t ask her to stroke his hairy legs by the pool, so things are picking up for the Biden campaign.

  8. Dems can say all they want about Trump’s “attitude “ or bullying.

    But listen to BIDEN !

  9. From corn pop to taking guys out behind the gym, thinking joe is “punch drunk” by now.

  10. Kid sniffer!!!👃👃👃

  11. I blame Jill…she had to know he wasn’t up to this and should have told him so.

  12. When you have nothing to counter, use insults. It makes you look uneducated.

  13. If she laughed it may have possibly been because she cringed. Not because she thought it was funny.

  14. Democrats have lost their minds ,

  15. Imagine if Bernie Sanders lambasted a woman by saying she was a liar and had a dog face…. Why does America give this old creepy senile hairy leg having pony soldier a pass?

  16. Why did you feel you needed music on this video? It drown out what was said!

  17. Creepy hairy leg uncle joe!

  18. Biden was told that he’s finished. The senile old fool just keeps forgetting.

  19. Completely insane him and Nancy should share padded cell…..

  20. This guy belongs in a nursing home, even Barack Hussein Obama knows that.

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