Joe Biden has won the 2020 election. Now what? 1

Joe Biden has won the 2020 election. Now what?


CNN's Glorida Borger, John King, Abby Phillip join Dana Bash for a Citizen by CNN event discussing what's next for the country when Joe Biden officially becomes president and President Donald Trump leaves office.

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    1. Preparing his presidency, had alot of meetings talked to workers on the virus front and more. Donald tweeted, played golf and tried to attack a democratic election. Projection much?

  1. Shilling me awfully with their throng
    shilling me awfully with their throng – telling all their lies
    with their holes shilling me awfully
    In their throng

  2. When? Why dont YOU tell us “whats next” Keep spreading the hate. The working class will take a strike like india. No money for the government. Oh,yeah, print more.

  3. I don’t think so. There is quite a bit of evidence suggesting otherwise. Witnesses under oath for example, suitcases stuffed with ballads under the table etc.

    1. Have one question . At a gun show you can have a gun without a background check. So let say you have a neighbour ,or someone in your neighbourhood that you know should never have a gun , nevermind holding a gun, because you know that he, she is unstable. Or is that fine with you.

    1. Most Democrats here are just too dumb to know what you are talking about. All they know is what CNN tells them.

  4. Stalin said it’s not who the people vote for but who counts the votes. I don’t have much time left. If you steal this so help me God one of you will pay me back for my stolen vote. NOT NOW

  5. When the people of montgomery sat down to talk, it was decided ALL gods people will walk. And if the 70 million anti Biden walk. The majority can feed them instead of them feeding the government. So blinded by hatred for one man the abandoned their country. I say the country should abandon them. Thanks so much for all of the support over the last 4 years. define 230 and your liable and will be chapter 11.

  6. The fact that the RNC has decided to milk fascism expressed in the image of Donald Trump for financial gain & that this fascism has not been declared dangerous to the health of the USA by the RNC, House, and Senate Republicans perilously weakens the democratic republic.

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