Joe Biden Hits Trump, Vows Not To ‘Fan The Flames’ Of Racial Division | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

Joe Biden Hits Trump, Vows Not To 'Fan The Flames' Of Racial Division | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1


  1. I wish just ONE of those police officers watching Chauvin taking down George Floyd had stopped Chauvin, pulled him off Mr. Floyd, had done something to stop his murder. Just one.

    1. Minneapolis has been a leftist community since 1973 . All of these senseless killings happen in Democrat runs filthy sewers.b Where Democrats have run the government for scores of years .
      It is painfully obvious Democrats are the problem….

    2. You are right. It is also tough. There were three officers holding him down, but the one on the legs twice asked if they should get him off the ground. We shouldn’t forget about him either. He was trying to help.

    3. @Big Red from what i saw in the video, people were telling them to back off him and the cops were gesturing to back away or else

    4. @Mo Fo I don’t claim to be a hero, never did. But I know what people are capable of doing to help others. There are many (actually most) law enforcement people that decide to put their lives on the line for essentially strangers, to serve and protect them. It is an amazing group of people that care for us. It is not a perfect group of people. There is no perfect group of people. Chauvin did a horrible thing. I am very angry with what he did. I am also very angry with the other three officers that had the opportunity to save George Floyd”s life. Bu I refuse to put those four men in the same company as the majority of the body of police. To do so is unfair. A reasonable person understands that.
      These officers were criminally wrong. Their time will come. But, by the same token wild mobs killing others, including officers, also crosses the line. Killing in anger is not a good thing. Can’t we see that?
      If you think that I am a liar, that is your problem. Being a skeptic is not always a good thing. I know who I am. It doesn’t matter to me how others judge me. It saddens me that people can’t take the words of another at face value. That merely divides us. We need to be willing to risk ourselves to help our neighbor. Isn’t that the Golden Rule? Perhaps we may have forgotten that. I hope that you haven’t.
      You are entitled to your opinion. I would fight (and have) for the right of anyone to protect the right of reasonable free speech even if I disagree with their opinion. That is one thing that defines us as Americans. I understand anger and frustration. But please understand me.

  2. If you dont stand up to tyranny and oppression we will have lost the very same liberty and principles our fallen brothers gave their lives to protect.

    1. iam NoOne – we do not live with Tyranny. It’s a free country. Until you truly experience Tyranny, you can’t imagine it. There are too many entitled idiots running the streets thinking they should get stuff for free. It’s sad to see all these people hating and blaming Trump, when Biden is a rich white man who is just as powerful as Trump. He’s a politician. A trained liar. Crack a book.

    1. Two party system is corrupt. They control the primary elections which thus controls who the citizens can vote for in the final elections.

    2. Sorry. Just because you don’t like the two party system doesn’t make it “bankrupt”. If this country’s government is so corrupt, if America is such a terrible place WHY are so many people wanting to come here to live??? Answer me that.
      By the way, our country does pretty well for itself. Our Constitution is great. Many other countries have adopted many of its principles! WHY is that???
      The biggest source of corruption in our country is the media.

    1. @Derek Lowery Biden wants the people disarmed and he is not AN AMERICAN and he is NOT AN OPTION for AMERICANS. He “DOES NOT WORK FOR YOU”

    1. M Kind yeah I see it. Just like I seen reverse racism trend before election seasons. We don’t care about Trump. We don’t idolize him like y’all do. It’s Funny we live in Republican territory and we don’t have the racism like Democrat’s have

  3. If you want to change something useful stop the kneel on the neck policy used by police. There’s got to be a better way.

    1. Actually Japan is not the second safest country in the world. New Zealand is. Iceland is first. Look at the size of the countries were talking about and who they are run by. Good day.

    2. @scentless apprentice interesting how iceland can own guns with no violence, guess u.s. has proven time and time again the we are not responsible enough. Ty for reply

  4. Yup im white And I’ve been, harassed because I’m white, By black cops ,, racial divide doesn’t belong in law Enforcement..

    1. Pinkie Love
      I am fair skinned blonde and have been reverse discriminated against. My hubby is Indian and he has been the target of much discrimination including being called a “terrorist”; having his tires slashed; being denied service; and as a couple, getting awful comments and gestures. Just saying that there is a lot of racism and discrimination of other races as well.

    2. White males are more likely to commit suicide. Is that white privilege? Is that systemic racism? …Why are we calling for justice without asking if the death was an accident? What ever happened to “innocent before proven guilty”? Why are we so quick to act? Why are these calls for justice seeming to be a call for blood?

    3. @Ritalin Doll Amerindian or Asian Indian? I am guessing from Asia, given that they look more like… the country next door. Not China. 🙂 My heart goes out for you both!

    4. @Brian Hack Brian, my follow up question is, why are you the first man or woman I have seen comment this brilliant point before. Investigation? Did George Floyd commit a crime? The media will never say, don’t count on them to say it.

  5. Just praying with my kids. I am reminded while he must be voted out we must forgive those who trespass against us. Difficult but important.

    1. WE are One Race, The Human Race. WE are tired of people who try to divide us by skin color. WE want true leaders like President Trump, who really do help ALL of us and show this by their actions and speeches: Listen to our President, he speaks truth. Don’t be misled by the media’s misinformations. Open up your heart, your mind and listen. Trust your inner guidance. All the best!

  6. Joe talking about racism when he comes from the party that started the kkk and as early as last week told Black people they werent black if they voted for someone else. Trump will win folks

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