Joe Biden: I've Never Been More Optimistic About America Than I Am This Very Day | MSNBC 1

Joe Biden: I’ve Never Been More Optimistic About America Than I Am This Very Day | MSNBC


During the primetime special “Celebrating America,” President Joe Biden addressed the nation at the Lincoln Memorial. Aired on 01/20/2021.
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Joe Biden: I've Never Been More Optimistic About America Than I Am This Very Day | MSNBC


    1. you have it wrong. In America I should have the right to be left alone. you young lefties worship communism, and the elites love you for it.

    2. @RickJames you’re right. Go with the grizzlies here in Montana and hibernate. Bye Rick james bye Donnie

    3. @RickJames be alone just wear a mask in public. You righties worship hate and bigotry selfishness and Tons of self pity.

  1. This is what america is about lets make it great again godbless the usa gobless u joe biden proud to be america

    1. Its about saying no more deportations just come on in there is thousands already marching towards border.. and offering citizenship and our tax dollars on people that aren’t Americans? Pulling permit and putting all those people out of work on keystone pipeline at a time like this is so stupid

    1. @E Hole 74 million people voted for Trump. Good old postal vote Joe Biden got more votes that Obama, yeah right like vans drove in one night and dumped millions of fake postal votes.

      Since I live in Australia that will never happen. But I am going to be an influencer with my country dropping America as an ally and developing a strong relationship with China.

  2. Already a POSITIVE SHIFT
    can be felt, thanks to Joe &Jill & Kamala & Doug!!!
    We are ever-so-fortunate: THANK YOU, VOTERS

  3. What a real change. What a difference, didn’t complain about whats his name, didn’t say whats was his name,s name once, well done sir, well done

    1. I agree! President Joe is a gracious man who really believes in unity and moving forward. We are so lucky to have him!

  4. I’m looking forward Biden’s success as the president. America needed the change. I hope we can all try to be a unified nation and respect each other even with our disagreements.

    1. @Eric Chamberlin
      America has been suffering the highest unemployment rate in US history, stupid.

      you are right that trump, the New World Order Globalist, killed the US economy on MARCH 20th 2020, when the current stock market crash began

      we dont know how trumps 30,000 chinese clothing manufacturing employees are doing during the US depression

    2. @Daryl Leckt remeber how Trump wanted to reopen and people critsize trump saying he’s ignorant and dumb for wanting to reopen? He said we gotta reopen if we dont reopen we don’t have an economy.

    3. @lol Reagen
      the truth is California ordered the Nations first state wide lock down in MARCH 19th.
      that day trump called COVID a democrat hoax and said Americas greatest threat was candy flavored nicotine vape juice

      the next morning MARCH 20 2020 Americas investors recognized trump was unprepared to govern during the pandemic and the greatest market crash in world history began.

      a 24 hour lock down in California didnt crash the US economy
      trumps lack of policies did.

      search engine
      look it up for yourself

      shocking that you cant remember what happened 9 months ago … but are willing to post an alternative history to advance your political agenda.
      how humiliating for you

    1. Donald will be back. He needs to start his own party. He will also need to start his own news network which 70 million Trump supporters will jump onto. He will need to go old school and get his message out by door knocking and calling people. Trump for president 2024.

    2. @Aluminum Marsupial 74 million people voted for Trump. Good old postal vote Joe Biden got more votes that Obama, yeah right like vans drove in one night and dumped millions of fake postal votes.

    3. @David Seva no, it just goes to show that 80 mil people wanted to see twice impeached one-term former president trump out of the Whitehouse.


    1. He is a most compassionate man who will do what he can, in coordination with Congress, to get you, and everyone else, back on your feet.

  6. The stock market just reached an all time high!!

    So I guess according to the logic of Trump and his ignorant fans. This means that within just a few seconds of becoming President, Joe Biden has already built the greatest economy in the history of the world and is automatically the best President of all time!!

    1. No that means they have a puppet president they control you fool and can have laws and regulations made for them.

    2. He’s responsible for the ANTIFA and BLM riots creating chaos through the country. He’s responsible for the rise in COVID cases. According to Communist logic.

    3. @TheAsthmatic hearing people who don’t even know what communism is use that word cause they heard Tucker Carlson say it will always make me laugh.

    1. Dumbo Don : “I could have sworn…I won the election.” HAHAHAHA!!! 4 years of nothing more than Tweeting stupidities! Your Fired!

    1. We now have a five time draft dodger in the Oval office.

      Expect to see US coffins returning from the Middle East. The Left loves war.

    2. @Jay Bee 1. The last time the right had a Veteran as Commander in Chief was Nixon.
      2. The Right started the war in Iraq and Afghanistan which led to the endless debacle in the middle east.

      You have no high ground here.

    1. Probably more cost effective to build the security fortress (that you can bet isn’t going away anytime soon), rather than employ a few hundred federal social workers to stay on site for the next 4 years. And now the special class of folks called politicians can totally ignore all us plebes, an additional benefit built in. I guess walls and soldiers do work.
      For tyrants and totalitarians.

  7. With a new guy in the Whitehouse, who’s going to be the adult in the room?
    Oh wait! He is the adult in the room!
    This is gonna take some getting used to.

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